Beiruting - Events - Opening of Jasmin
Aug 2021
Opening of Jasmin
Social Event ABC Ashrafieh
Jazzmin: the First Retail Avenue Platform in Lebanon and the World Opens its First Store at ABC Ashrafieh.
In a vibrant ambiance and a floor packed with opinion leaders,
influencers, and socialites, Jazzmin, the first of its kind retail avenue platform in Lebanon and
the world, opened its doors last week at ABC Ashrafieh department store.
Jazzmin.Co is born from the will of 9 Lebanese women who passionately believe in staying,
resisting, and paving the way for a better tomorrow in Lebanon.
Madiha Raslan, President of the Women Leaders Council (WLC) and Chairwoman of Jazzmin,
expressed her joy saying: “This is a special day for us witnessing the concept store come to life
after years of planning and execution. I strongly believe that women have a pivotal role to play
in the economy cycle either by expanding it horizontally, generating jobs, and creating
investments. Jazzmin platform celebrates this uniqueness and fosters all kinds of creativity,
either produced locally or imported”.
When asked why ABC, Mrs. Diane Fadel, CEO of ABC Department stores, replied: “There’s no
better fit than ABC to welcome such an elegant and refined boutique that comes to complete
our tenants list. I personally am a big supporter of women entrepreneurship, and we are
immensely proud today to nest this unique platform, Jazzmin”.
Jazzmin offers a variety of beautiful brands, all the works of women entrepreneurs whose
talents and creative minds are unique and can bring on the change we need to make the world
a better place.
Jazzmin.Co is a retail avenue platform, the first of its kind to open in Lebanon and the world, in
4 steps starting at ABC Ashrafieh simultaneously with an e-commerce gateway
( followed by a boutique in various Duty-Free airports around the world then
finally abroad through franchising opportunities.
Ashrafieh , Beirut
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