Beiruting - Events - Opening of Gardens Naccache
Oct 2016
Opening of Gardens Naccache
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Inaugurated under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Michel Pharaon, on Wednesday, October 12, the “Gardens Naccache” is the new green and relaxing getaway in the heart of the Metn area, settled under the Naccache bridge.

With an assemblage of 11 restaurants and cafés, The “Gardens Naccache” hostsLebanon’s finest names in the F&B industry. The project aims to establish a locality for people seeking a delightful and relaxing dining experience while hosting people of all ages and backgrounds.



The “Gardens Naccache” is characterized by state of the art modern architecture, designed by top architects Joe Chartouni and Hala Rizkallah. The layout is composed of outdoor public spacing and exquisite foliage in parallel with a “small Italian or Mediterranean village with alleys full of greenery and blossoming flowers”, as highlighted by the chairman of the project, Mr. Nadim Hakim.



“One of the main assets for this project is its central location and being easily accessible”, added Mr. Hakim. “It’s about creating a natural haven and a healthy environment within the city that can attract people from all ages and backgrounds, coming from the northern Metn to Keserwan, and even Jbeil and Beirut.”


From Enab to Smoking Bun, Beit Salwa, Caribou Coffee, Heights Classic Bar, La Pizzaria, Sud, La Petite Table, Bandidos and Yoshi, each tenant was carefully selected among the best F&B brands in the country and to offer a wide variety of culinary experiences. The lack of pubs was a choice made to preserve the serenity of the clientele.


Attending the opening night, the media, bloggers and influencerswere as awed by the place as the crowd. The night carried on with a live show of dancers and musicians giving the spectators the sense of being transported to a beautiful garden while being in the middle of a buzzing city.



As the latest cluster to date, the “Gardens Naccache” should quickly bolster itself as a top favored destination to unwind and dine in the Northern Metn and Keserwan.



Let's #GrowInTheGardens