Beiruting - Events - Opening of GS at ABC Verdun
May 2019
Opening of GS at ABC Verdun
Social Event ABC Verdun

GS, the ultimate destination for all your shopping and home décor needs, has opened its doors at ABC Verdun.


In celebration, a "Breakfast with Friends" was held at the store, where bloggers, media, influencers and clients got the chance to view the latest GS and GS Storey collections in the newly opened space.


Always looking to better serve customers, GS has designed the store in contemporary international style, different from their typical design approach. By creating a timeless and elegant space they have totally transformed the normal retail environment to a highlysophisticated shopping experience.


The women, men, kids and GS Storey sections are all displayed in one space, each standing out thanks to various high-end materials that make up a design that is specific to the style on display.


Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Jamil Rayess, General Manager of HST Co stated: "Remaining relevant and being a leader in the retail industry for 45 years is not a coincidence; it is by taking risks, being bold and constantly innovating. Expanding in such difficult times is what some people might classify as daring, but I call it a necessity. It is only by investing in a better future that we can achieve it. Today we announce the launch of ABC Verdun, but there are more announcements on the way."


As an icon in Lebanese retail, GS will always raise the bar and take the shopping experience to the next level. The latest GS store at ABC Verdun is the perfect example of the company's innovative spirit and customer centric approach. Be sure to pass by and enjoy a unique shopping experience.