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Dec 2018
Nakhal organized a special trip to Turkey with Wings of Lebanon
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Nakhal organized a special 2-day trip to Adana in Turkey for a group of Lebanese journalists from various print, audio-visual and electronic media in addition to a number of bloggers.

"Wings of Lebanon" flew the media delegation from Beirut International Airport to Adana, Turkey in about 50 minutes. On board their newest Boeing 737-700NG the media delegation enjoyed the best service and the utmost comfort that this very modern aircraft that abides by the strictest international air safety standards offers. In addition, all maintenance work on the "Wings of Lebanon" planes is conducted in constant cooperation and coordination with Middle East Airlines.
The trip included a visit to a number of heritage and historical sites in the cities of Adana and Mersin in Turkey, as well as an exciting shopping opportunity, a taste of the best Turkish dishes and a tour of the most beautiful landscapes this region has to offer.
Nakhal operates three flights per week from Lebanon to Adana during the winter season. However, from December 21, 2018 to January 6, 2019,they will operate daily flights. Starting at just $340, our guests will be able to enjoy a great holiday with the possibility of spending New Year's Eve in Turkey while keeping in mind the proximity and speed of access.

The main reasons for the competitive prices provided by "Wings of Lebanon" are the existing packages, as well as the destinations to which it provides direct access, allowing tourists to arrive in a faster, easier and cheaper way.
In addition, Wings of Lebanon, in cooperation with Middle East Airlines, covers the Lebanese market. And without this cooperation, a lot of foreign aviation companies would be able to enter and benefit from this market. All "Wings of Lebanon" flights are operated by "Nakhal", therefore, for any query or for booking online, you can visit:

In the near future, Nakhal will open new destinations to meet the needs of Lebanese tourists and foreigners coming to Lebanon.

Finally, we want to clarify the fact that the vicious attack aimed at "Wings of Lebanon" last summer, and which failed miserably, was to destroy the hard earned reputation of Nakhal, that had bought "Wings of Lebanon" and worked to expand and develop it. We also would like to point out to the fact that there are about 300 employees working within this company which supports the Lebanese economy directly and indirectly.