Beiruting - Events - Mrs Adiba Al Mahboub Fashion Show
Mar 2019
Mrs Adiba Al Mahboub Fashion Show
Fashion Show Biel

As part of the Beirut Fashion Week under the title "Designers & Brands", L.I.P.S Management Owner Johnny Fadlallah opened the Fashion Week for designers in addition to luxury brands, bringing the event back to Beirut and its usual glow as it is considered the fashion capital of the Middle East. Kuwaiti fashion designer Adiba Al Mahboub, a designer who specializes in wedding dresses, has a special Haute Couture and Abayas line that combines modernity and oriental spirit in design, and has presented the top 10 wedding dresses in her fashion show. This is not the first show designed in Lebanon, it has been preceded by many others, and distinguished by the luxury designed wedding dresses used in studding with precious stones and crystal. The show was presented with a variety of models from the traditional dress to the lavish royal, using fine materials such as silk, lace, tulle and organza. The show ended with the bride the queen with the crown inlaid. The Kuwaiti designer Adiba Al Mahboub chose to present her exclusive collection for weddings, especially since she is known in the Middle East as a wedding designer. She used a lot of cloth in one dress. The dress was made of several layers, which gave it the luxurious character of Marie Antoinette, organza fabric, tulle and lace. A wonderful collection for every bride dreaming of a Royal dress on her wedding day. In recognition of the efforts of the designer in her long career, Johnny Fadlallah, Owner of L.I.P.S Management, honored the Kuwaiti fashion designer Adiba Al Mahboub, for her 25 years of achievement in fashion.


The Kuwaiti designer Adiba Al Mahboub is the first Kuwaiti designer to reach the world, with a Bachelor of Marketing degree. She entered the world of fashion design at the age of 19, participated in local, Arab and international fashion shows, more than sixteen fashion shows held in Lebanon and the Gulf, Paris, Rome, Milan, New York, London, Germany, Spain and Morocco. She specialized in wedding and evening dresses and got many awards and shields. She has fashion houses in Kuwait, UAE and Oman. All of her designs are imaginatively inspired by fashion, elegance and chic.