Beiruting - Events - Media professionals in Bekaa Kafra to return to the roots and visit the holy places

A large number of journalists from various media associations responded to the invitation of the President of the Union of Municipalities of the Bcharre District and the Mayor of Bekaa Kafra, Mr Elie Makhlouf, to return to the roots and visit the holy places, including the monasteries, the home of Saint Charbel in the town of Bekaa Kafra, and the ancient Church of Our Lady, with the participation of Father Milad Makhlouf and media colleagues, Antoinette Shalita, Maggie Makhlouf and Rima Rahme Makhlouf.

The visit began with a morning breakfast at the mayor’s residence, where there was distinguished hospitality, and then a walk through the town’s streets to the Church of Our Lady, which the municipality and the parish are seeking to restore. Rima Rahme Makhlouf gave a speech in which she welcomed the media professionals, thanking President Makhlouf for his invitation.

In return, Makhlouf thanked the media professionals for responding to the invitation, stressing the role of the media in showing the bright side of the region and Lebanon, requesting the intercession of Saint Charbel to remove the black clouds from Lebanon and the region, conveying the greetings of MP Strida Geagea and her welcome to them in the region.

Father Milad Makhlouf presented the history of the church that was built over the ancient church, which dates back more than six hundred years, and called on media professionals to contribute to highlighting the importance of supporting the process of repairing the cracks occurring in the church through the media.
There were also welcoming words from colleagues Maguy Makhlouf and Diamande Rahme Fakhry, and a hymn by artist Nicola Al Osta.
The media then moved to the ancient church where the baptismal font of Saint Charbel was located, and from there to the saint’s maternal home and prayed for the salvation of Lebanon, then visited the cave from which the miraculous waters emerged.

The tour was followed by a visit to Saint George Park in Bcharre, on the outskirts of the Holy Valley, and concluded with a visit to the eternal cedar forest and the Church of the Transfiguration in its center. Makhlouf then held a lunch at Cedar’s Heaven in honor of the media professionals.
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