Beiruting - Events - Majnoun Leila
Oct 2018
Majnoun Leila
Theater Casino du Liban

Majnoun Leila The Musical – an amazing performance by an amazing crew: Roy Khoury, Manel Mallat, Krisitian Abouanni, Bassem Feghali, Fouad Yammine, and Nicolas Daniel.

This play shows how far two lovers can go only to be together. It’s a unique adaptation of the classic heart-wrenching tale of the two icons of Love, Qays and Leila. The play is narrated by a mysterious circus troupe with a flamboyant leading player. A story of forbidden Love, determination, and self-discovery portrayed by whimsical characters in a dark humorous setting.


The play was held for three consecutive nights on October 12,13, and 14 at Casino Du Liban.