Beiruting - Events - Long 4 Lashes launch by OrchideaByRita
Mar 2017
Long 4 Lashes launch by OrchideaByRita
Social Event Lancaster Hotel
Because "Beauty suits every woman", Long 4 Lashes by Oceanic launched its new range of products for eye care and hair treatment on 16th of March 2017 at Lancaster Hotel Raouche. In the presence of more than 120 invitees from public figures to media personalities, and on the occasion of Mother's Day, OrchideaByRita and Mr. Hussein Hammoud General Manager of Pharma Crew made the launch of Long 4 Lashes a memorable event. Starting the month of March, special gifts were sent to many bloggers and media figures on Woman's day announcing the launch of the new range of products. During the event, a presentation was presented by Mr. Hammoud to the ladies to explain more about Long 4 Lashes products made in Poland. The invitees enjoyed a lunch at Prime 18 restaurant, and a very special gift from Long 4 Lashes was presented to them with a scented plant from Zanbak flowers. The secret of the serum for lashes from Long 4 Lashes is Bimatoprost, a state-of-the-art active substance considered to be one of the most effective hair-growth stimulating compounds in cosmetology. Bimatoprost acts actively during the entire life cycle of an eyelash, stimulating its growth and increasing number. Excessive hair loss problem is experienced by a continuously growing number of women and men, and may be caused by hormonal and genetic changes, fatigue, stress, unbalanced diet or improper care. Long 4 Lashes cosmetic line came into existence in response to the need of people struggling with hair loss and it is designed for care of weak and brittle hair prone to falling out. The serum intensively stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. Its formulation contains Tetraxidylum, an innovative complex containing higher concentrations of active ingredients which stimulates microcirculation and thus nourishes and revitalizes hair follicles, as well as increasing their integrity with the scalp. Allantoin soothes irritation and calms sensitive scalp. This highly concentrated formula prolongs the hair growth phase (anagen), improves hair structure, decreases brittleness and provides a healthier look.
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