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Sep 2014
Les Choeurs de l Armee Rouge
Concert Beirut Waterfront


Beirut Waterfront has witnessed the dazzling performance of the Red Army Choir on September 13th and 14th, 2014. Having been the only military body to receive the "Star de Platine" on the avenue dedicated to Great Russian artists led by Général Viktor Eliseev, they enriched the souls of the audience with mastery and sophistication, from beginning to end, with no loss of power. It was certainly a full house...

They are the Official Academic Ensemble of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation. One needs to understand the connection between the Red Army Choir and the history of Russia itself. All members of the choir are soldiers of the revolution. The voices of these men became the voice of the Soviets. It is the spirit of those who suffered, but rose again after every false move, to achieve higher strength. During the past 30 years, they have performed in more than 7000 shows with various languages, attracting more than 20 million spectators.

Having toured worldwide, this Ensemble has become an attraction to all ages.

"After the great success of OPERA ROUGE, certified Triple Platinum Award (350 000 copies sold), they released with the prestigious German label Deutsche Grammophon the album O FORTUNA. 120 artists on stage... Chorists, orchestra and also this circling ballet of dancers for an outstanding family show."


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