Beiruting - Events - Le Donjon Boutique symbol of luxury at Verdun 732
Dec 2018
Le Donjon Boutique symbol of luxury at Verdun 732
Social Event Activities

In the presence of many celebrities, businessmen, high-profile personalities, media and social figures, Mrs. Nigham Kleib Ayach and Businessman Manal Abi Mosleh opened their flagship store, Le Donjon Boutique, at Verdun 732. The store produces the finest French chocolate, and a variety that satisfies the tastes of all customers. A special gathering was held for the occasion organized by Le Donjon Boutique, and supervised by Mrs. Ayach from decor, music, lighting, food selection, cakes and crackers. The event was like a lavish wedding that was overshadowed by luxury and elegance, and adorned with pure white flowers. Mrs. Ayach welcomed the guests and explained about the services that Le Donjon Boutique offers from weddings, birthdays, births, corporate parties and gift ideas, with a constant concern to make any occasion the Talk of the Town. Le Donjon Boutique surprised beauty expert Dany Kamel, whose birthday coincided with the celebration, and he cuted the cake with the applause of the audience. The guests enjoyed the violin, cocktails, decoration, and chocolate trays prepared for the festive season, and all guests received a souvenir from Le Donjon Boutique.

Verdun 732