Beiruting - Events - Launching of Ultra Doux Body by Garnier
Feb 2016
Launching of Ultra Doux Body by Garnier
Social Event Peninsula-Dbayeh

Garnier Ultra Doux introduced its first body care recipes to the Lebanese market. More than 100 retailers, press and bloggers were gathered at The Peninsula Restaurant & Gardens in Dbayeh, to discover the brand’s new treasure: a wholesome loving care, blended for healthily beautiful skin.

For more than 30 years, Garnier Ultra Doux has been synonymous with beautiful hair, thanks to its carefully selected natural ingredients that give visible results and a unique sensorial experience. The 2nd shampoo brand in Lebanon, Ultra Doux continues to win over consumers with its accessible and paraben-free beauty recipes that have become a favorite in every family’s daily routines. Ultra Doux wanted to take this expertise and consumer confidence one step further by using its long-standing know-how to launch the ultimate body care range.

“In 2016, everyone in Lebanon can enjoy the ultra-soft and exquisite experience of Garnier Ultra Doux not only for the hair but now for Body” announced Marwan Moubarak, Marketing Manager of the brand.

To keep any type of skin hydrated, three authentic blends inspired by nature were formulated to meet the specific needs of dry, very dry and extra dry skin, and quickly absorb without leaving the skin either greasy or sticky.

The extracts used are always from natural sources and are specially selected for their softening effects and traditional properties:

Argan and camellia oils - two precious secret beauty ingredients with wonderful virtues that have long been prized for their ability to hydrate dry skin.

Virgin olive oil – the mythic oil of this age-old tree, renowned for its remarkable strength and ability to nourish very dry skin.

Royal jelly, honey and propolis - restorative treasures created by bees that help repair extra dry skin.

With such blends, bringing out the remarkable properties of ingredients, Garnier Ultra Doux demonstrates once again its expertise, and the benefits it provides to the whole family.

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