Beiruting - Events - Launching of NAWF 2015
Feb 2015
Launching of NAWF 2015
Social Event Four Seasons Hotel Beirut

The New Arab Woman Forum - NAWF was launched this morning at the Four Seasons Hotel under the patronage of ex-minister Bahiya Hariri, Minister of Social Affairs Rachid Derbas; organized by Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group and Al Hasnaa magazine.



In its 7th edition, around 400 Lebanese, Arab and Foreign personalities have participated in the forum led by Mrs. Wafaa Michel Sleiman and ex-minister Mrs. Nayla Moawad, in addition to a number of women entrepreneurs and activists in the social and development fields.



The opening session included addresses by Mrs. Bahiya Hariri, Minister Rachid Derbas, Ambassador of France to Lebanon Patrice Paoli, President of the Federation of Chambers Mohamad Choucair, Chairman - General Manager of BLC Bank Maurice Sehnaoui and NAWF Founder and Executive Chairperson Nadine Abou Zaki.



The following are the highlights of the opening session addresses:

Bahiya Hariri, Member of the Lebanese Parliament - Honorary President of the Forum:

" Our presence among women pioneers encourages and gives us hope to leave this dire situation that surrounds us from every corner and the escalation of destruction and killings that have caused Lebanon to exceed by 50% the number of Arab refugees compared to the global number, a fact that is indeed despairing.



Rachid Derbas, Minister of Social Affairs

Mr. Derbas stated that this forum raises awareness in the Arab region. "A society where women stay unproductive at home is similar to an investor who owns money, uses half of it and hides the other half in a bag at home. When he needs that other half, he refrains from using the money he is hiding and thus depleting its value."



Patrice Paoli, Ambassador of France to Lebanon

Mr. Paoli stated that this is his 3rd time to participate in NAWF which he said reinforces the role and development of women not only in Lebanon but the Arab region as well, pointing out that the forum sheds light on important topics including equality of political, social, civil and economic rights among men and women.



Mohamed Choucair, President, Federation of Chambers

"The topic of the forum is special to me because it has long been my interest to give women a chance to exercise their full role in society."



Maurice Sehnaoui, Chairman & General Manager, BLC Bank

Mr. Sehnaoui expressed his happiness to participate in this forum that meets with what BLC Bank is achieving for women mainly by focusing on SMEs through "We initiative"



Nadine Abou Zaki, NAWF Founder & Executive Chairperson, Al Hasnaa Editor in Chief

"7 years have passed since the conception of NAWF. 7 years have passed and organizing this forum is still an adventure; an experience full of hardships and errors; an adventure we could not have gone through without perseverance and always looking forward to success."

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