Beiruting - Events - Launching of Barista Espresso Capsules Machine
Apr 2015
Launching of Barista Espresso Capsules Machine
Social Event La Posta

Marked by its high quality of coffee, Barista Espresso, Lebanon’s leading manufacturer of authentic Italian coffee, unveiled its new wide range of espresso capsules and machine.

The launch, shadowed by an all Italian-themed brunch, took place on April 28, 2015 at La Posta in Achrafieh, gathering media representatives and Barista Espresso founders who enjoyed an Italian buffet and entertainment. With the opportunity of experiencing the best of two worlds, both being a Barista themselves and the coffee drinkers, attendees freshly prepared their own cup of coffee with the new capsules, while using Barista Espresso’s all new aRoma espresso machine.



Roy Daniel, Managing Partner at Automatic Brewers, Mother Company of Barista, welcomed attendees, saying “We are thrilled to introduce Barista Espresso’s capsules as an extension to our already existing products which include espresso pods, espresso beans, and filter coffee. The need for a faster and trendier solution is what drove us down this road,” adding that, “The new capsules and machine are the perfect match for our consumers as they are elegant and modern, and feature the true Italian coffee experience. Moreover, Barista Espresso capsules are a more affordable alternative and compatible with Nespresso® machines, which is considered a breakthrough in the Lebanese market and the region.”



The new machine, revealed for the first time, is perfectly sized to be placed in any office or home. Stylish, convenient and reasonably priced, it is available in red, black and army green and is ensured to produce delicious, high quality espresso.



Barista coffee beans, sourced from Latin American countries, are roasted and packed in Lebanon thus, maintaining longevity in freshness. The new capsules come in four distinct coffee rich flavors, including the classic Auro Perfetto, Intenso, Cardamom and Decaf. The espresso capsules and machines are now available in the market, and can also be ordered online through the company’s website: