Beiruting - Events - La 3eme Nuit de L'Amateur de Cigar a Beyrouth
Sep 2018
La 3eme Nuit de L'Amateur de Cigar a Beyrouth
Social Event Phoenicia Hotel Beirut

The third night of L'Amateur de Cigare in Beirut, organized by Los Cedros Cigar Club, and the French magazine L'Amateur de Cigare, on Saturday, September 15, 2018, at Phoenicia Hotel, was a total night of dreams and elegance.


A new night of delights and pleasures under the sign of the awakening of tastes accompanied by cigars, Whiskey single malt, Cognac, Armagnac, beer and wine tasting.


Fine chocolate, smooth olive oil and artisanal honey caressed the taste buds of epicureans and brightened this dreamy night.


We were able to admire the cigar accessories of a luxury brand.


Very nice gifts were distributed by the sponsors and especially by a great jeweler.


The beautiful Lebanon shined again in the fairy atmosphere of Phoenicia Hotel, all around the Améthyste pool which combines the beauty of the East and the West.


A night of infinitely varied tastes and colors!


A night of good taste especially!


Thank you our partners, thank you, ladies, for being so radiant.


Thank you, gentlemen, for your presence and elegance.


Thank you all, dear friends and refined connoisseurs, who have appreciated, for one night, the flavors and fragrances gathered for you.


Thank you Los Cedros Cigar Club and thank you L'Amateur de Cigare.

Ain al Mraiseh