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Jun 2014
KidzMondo 1st Anniversary
Social Event KidzMondo

On June 6 KidzMondo city celebrated its first anniversary in the presence of a large crowd of public figures, dignitaries and representatives of the media.



After wandering throughout the city, the audience gathered in the “Dancing K” plaza at the very center of the city where the ceremony began to the tune of the Lebanese national anthem. This was followed by a welcoming speech by the chairman of KIDZ HOLDING Mr. Ali Kazma, who thanked the audience for their presence and contribution to the event. He also expressed his gratitude to all investors and partners and Ms. Hind Berri Al Mawla, for their steadfast efforts, efforts that have constantly showcased their dedication to the project since the day its first foundation stone was laid. All the partners, sponsors, media and journalists who have supported the project since its very beginnings were also thanked for contributing to this success story.
Mr. Kazma also praised the great efforts made by the team, who have worked tirelessly since the idea of KidzMondo was first conceived up to the present day.



Mr. Kazma stressed the importance of the educational role of KidzMondo, saying: "Despite the difficulties and the difficult security conditions experienced by the country, the city has managed to attract a large number of visitors, old and young. It has met with heavy turnout from various Lebanese schools that have found in this revolutionary concept an innovative style of learning that complements their curriculum; a great way for their students to gain knowledge in an entertaining way”.



Mr. Kazma added: "We have passed all the difficulties and challenges we faced all because we believe in our country and we insist on moving forward to highlight the positive and civilized image of Lebanon."



KidzMondo Beirut is expected to receive large number of tourists this summer as one of the prime tourist destination for families in Lebanon, where adults and children alike can enjoy an educational and recreational atmosphere. During his speech, Mr. Kazma announced the opening of KidzMondo in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Arab and European countries, having already opened its doors in Istanbul - Turkey in the Trump Towers compound January of last year.



At the conclusion of the ceremony KidzMondo’s 1st birthday cake was cut in the presence of the city’s loveable characters, each of whom is dear to children’s hearts, with souvenir photos taken for the occasion.

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