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Jul 2015
Johnny Hallyday at Jounieh Festival
Concert Jounieh International Festival

The legendary icon of the French-speaking world, Johnny Hallyday, enticed the audience in an energetic concert he gave on the night of July 9th as part of Jounieh International Festival 2015. The star performed a variety of his most famous hits, such as, "Seul", "Que je t'aime", "Allumer le Feu", beautifully enchanting his fans with a romantic breeze that reigned for long over the skies of Jounieh.



With 181 world tours, more than 80 million releases and 18 albums crowned platinum, Hallyday has been ranked as one of the top-selling artists worldwide. His selected repertoire for Jounieh International Festival, including some of his favorite and latest songs, featured a remarkable and smart mix of blues, country and rock music ... a melodious blend that is so characteristic of the great star.



« Rester vivant » (Staying alive) in love, « Rester vivant » (Staying alive) in happiness, « Rester vivant » (Staying alive) in overcoming frustrations and betrayals.... "Rester vivant", produced by Don Was and recorded in Los Angeles, was the song of choice for the inauguration of the highly acclaimed concert.



Hallyday, aged 72 and with a charming and fully-fledged long career, continues, through his renewed music and majestic voice, to entice people of all ages. Far from growing old, Hallyday musically matured and gained further wisdom and fame; he actually never lost his skill to captivate the young generation with his rock'n roll style.

Johnny Hallyday, a star in an eternal state of love, was once a close friend of Edith Piaf; their friendship dated back to the 1960s. With a rich journey stretching over a half-century, Hallyday has built an unbreakable bond with his audience. He has succeeded to exalt the hearts of those who loved him, as well as the thousands of fans who flocked from all over Lebanon and from abroad to applaud their forever young music.



It was indeed an amazing night during which Hallyday was accompanied by 40 musicians and technicians and backed up by high-tech equipments and a top-notch sound system. A flow of light effects and a giant LED screen also escorted the star as he unleashed his tunes on the wonderful stage of Fouad Chehab Stadium.
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