Beiruting - Events - JGroup Holding celebrates Christmas with friends and media partners

JGroup Holding celebrates Christmas with friends and media partners

Imad Jomaa: Challenge accepted! We believe in the revolution of technology.


JGroup Holding organized a Christmas party that brought together a number of friends, media figures and outlets in Beirut, where the company's leaders wanted to spend fun times ahead of the holidays and New Year's with close associates and workers in the field of advertising and media.

Mr. Imad Jomaa, President of JGroup Holding, considered that the purpose of the meeting is firstly to thank friends and partners, and secondly to convey a message that the company is determined to continue with the plan it has set, which is to focus on the next phase to revive the traditional and digital media sector locally and regionally, and to believe in technology that developed this sector that made a significant leap. He added: "We believed and still in Lebanon, which was a pioneer in the advertising and media sector and was one of the first Arab countries in this field. Today, we insist on accepting major challenges and we will overcome them successfully with all friends and partners who share this belief with us."

JGroup, is a leading global company serving some of the world's most recognized brands and specializing in media, billboards, technology, big data, artificial intelligence, production, contracting, construction, health and beauty and e-commerce. JGroup holding has chosen Dubai as its regional headquarters and the GCC region as its base of operations.

Mr. Imad Jomaa, President of JGROUP, founded the company in 2003 and has grown the company's scope since JGROUP's inception to include a range of areas such as media, data and technology.

Today, the company seeks to expand, accelerate and develop the business environment in the Arab region and is currently the leading provider of digital media in the region, specifically the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Istanbul, Egypt, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, India, Nigeria, Milan, the United States of America and Lebanon.

In conclusion, JGroup sent greetings to the 30 countries in which it operates and to all the Lebanese in Lebanon and the world, hoping that the next year 2023 will bring happiness and health to everyone.

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