Beiruting - Events - In Your Shoes -3
Sep 2019
In Your Shoes -3
Social Event Gefinor Rotana
Once again, parents were invited to exchange, express and share their personal experiences with others!

Our objective is to listen to your concerns and try to answer your fears!

“In Your Shoes” has invited Mrs. Mira Zantout, ABA trained, single mother of a young man with autism/An autism warrior parent. Mrs. Zantout shared her unique journey with Omar.

The audience was also enlightened to have the chance to meet Greg, a special young man who spoke about his personal experience as an individual with challenges! He is now 22 years old; back in time, when he was a kid, the only mean of communication was using pictures and visuals. He has changed several schools and was facing difficulties to be integrated! Today, Greg grew to become independent and self aware.

For further information, kindly contact Christine DerSarkissian on 03 958140 or send an email on
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