Beiruting - Events - Hona Beirut
Apr 2017
Hona Beirut
Theater Al Madina Theater

Hona Beirut was created by 18 young men and women from Beirut's most marginalized neighborhoods. Under the guidance of renowned director Yehia Jaber and assistant director Nehme Nehme, the young men and women have created a comedy-noir play we are proud to have produced on the occasion of the anniversary of the Lebanese Civil War!

After "Love and War on the Rooftop" in Tripoli, MARCH is extremely excited to share with you all "Hona Beirut".


After a breaking news bulletin interrupts auditions for a play at a cafe in Downtown Beirut, the actors scramble to find out who amongst them is the suspected suicide bomber. 18 young men and women, from different neighborhoods in Beirut, race against time and their sectarian prejudices to try and figure it out before it's too late