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Feb 2015
Heartbeat Box Fundraising Campaign
Social Event ABC Ashrafieh

Heartbeat is a Lebanese association for humanitarian purposes, whose mission is to treat children with heart disease. 1% of children born each year are affected by heart defects; it is the number one cause of death among newborns. Without proper treatment, those children are condemned to die before the age of one year.

Since 2005, Heartbeat has managed to raise awareness about its cause, a large number of volunteers, artists, musicians and supporters. A large chain of solidarity was mobilized to ensure the means to heal those sick children in the best conditions. To do this, expensive treatments and heart operations are necessary.

The challenge is great, but with the support of the Lebanese community we can achieve a lot. During the last decade, 1,700 children were saved thanks to the generosity of Heartbeat donors. For its 10th anniversary, the association decided to reach a bigger number of people, by launching the "Heartbeat Box".

Inspired by the ‘Operation Pieces Jaunes’, a fundraising campaign organized every year in France, the "Heartbeat Box" is based on a simple principle "its the heart that makes heroes". The campaign aims to reach as many Lebanese as possible and have through their contributions even modest become heroes and save the lives of children suffering from heart diseases.

Starting early February, the “Heartbeat Box”; a small cartoon box; will be available at major schools, universities, Roadster Diner branches, ABC Mall counters, LibanPost desks, Grand Cinemas counters, all branches of Virgin Megastores and also other participating partners. These boxes once filled with donations, should be sealed and deposited in one of Bank Audi branches during the week going from 9 to 14 March 2015.

The "Heartbeat Box" operation was adopted by Maxime Chaya, longtime ambassador of Heartbeat; our national sportsman, mountaineer and explorer whose last RIO adventure (rowing the Indian Ocean) earned him two Guinness World Records. Maxime stated during the press conference that took place at ABC Mall Ashrafieh that he was very happy to be part of this fundraising operation. "This campaign unites us in the challenge of ensuring that all Lebanese children with heart disease receive proper treatment when needed" Chaya also said that this campaign is "a call to encourage everyone, including children to help and give hope for a better future."

Fundraising are the cornerstones on which are based any NGO. The mission of the Heartbeat association is to help all children suffering from heart disease and provide them with the proper medical treatments. For this, "Helping a child is very dear to our heart, it is our mission to save him, I am confident that together we can achieve miracles," confirms Dr. Victor Jebara, vice president of the association. “Every penny counts in this tough battle; let us help each other for the life of a child, and realize big dreams.”

Great hearts support small hearts.

Have a heart; Save a heart!

Ashrafieh , Beirut