Beiruting - Events - Harb Electric and ABB Switzerland
Apr 2021
Harb Electric and ABB Switzerland
Social Event Activities
Harb Electric would like to express its sincerest gratitude to our partner ABB, a global leader in
Electrical products and Solutions, who following the explosion at the Beirut Port on August 4 th 2021,
donated products and solutions in order to successfully secure powered infrastructure to three
affected hospitals and one school.
On Tuesday March 30 th and Thursday April 1 st 2021, Harb Electric handed over these charitable donations
aimed at rehabilitating the electrical infrastructure of the Hôpital des Soeurs Rosaire in Gemayzeh, the
Hopital Libanais Geitaoui , the Governmental Hospital of Beirut Quarantine, as well as the Collège du
Sacré Coeur in Gemayzeh.
Our Lebanon shall always rise up with our great will and the support of such partners.
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