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Sep 2017
Grohe Design Event
Nightlife MusicHall

GROHE, the world's leading German manufacturer in sanitary fittings unveiled its latest innovations and technologies to Lebanese media and architects in an impressive evening at Music Hall Beirut.  An exhibition set-up was readied to illustrate the unique variety of GROHE. Over 200 select architects and media, joined GROHE's celebration of water and had a first-hand opportunity to experience the multiple award-winning products such as Sensia Arena, the Aquasymphony, Smart control, the Essence collection as well as the water filtering solutions the Grohe Blue Home, the revolutionary water security system Sense & Sense Guard and many new faucets collections.


Renu Mishra, President of Grohe Middle East, Africa and East Mediterranean welcomed the guests and had an introductory briefing on all the latest products, the quality, technology, and design. This was followed by an interactive presentation of the technologies by the guest of honour, Vice President of Design at GROHE, Michael Seum.


Addressing the guests about GROHE's vision, the award-winning designer & Vice President of Design at GROHE, Michael Seum said: "Creating the perfect blend of quality, design, technology, and sustainability is a core competency at GROHE. We celebrate water by making it the fourth element of the smart home - adding intelligence to the enjoyment. Our concepts and signature products carry the inimitable GROHE Design DNA and are crafted to improve the well-being in the home making it as a truly revolutionary smart home innovation".


Products displayed: The first choice for architects and designers: Essence Colors GROHE's broadest faucet range Essence is an incredibly rich toolbox for the creative mind. The full range, from faucets to showers and accessories, offers a tremendous variety with 10 possible combinations of deluxe colors and state-of-the-art finishes: Cool Sunrise, Warm Sunset, Hard Graphite, and Nickel come either with an elegantly brushed or highly polished finish. Inspired by the latest global trends, they were carefully designed to fit into every bathroom style and colour environment.


The Innovative product for a smarter future GROHE Sense is a smart water sensor. Easily placed on the floor it detects flooding and tracks room temperature and humidity. Multiple devices across different rooms in the house can be used to notify the homeowner of any issues instantly so the home-owner has the time to react.GROHE Sense Guard is a smart water controller, which detects frost risk, microleakages and pipe breaks. Being installed in the central water pipe of the house by a professional installer, one can turn off the water supply with the device automatically in case of a burst pipe. Even leaving a tap open will not remain unnoticed anymore!


Smart technologies for the ultimate in hygiene and cleanliness Sensia Arena, the innovative shower toilet from GROHE, is designed to maximise personal comfort and hygiene through gentle and smart cleansing. What was originally a Japanese cleansing ritual using water instead of paper continues to gain in worldwide popularity. GROHE Sensia Arena is a compelling demonstration of how modern technology can improve our lives by blending the latest innovations, long-standing expertise and contemporary styling.
A private watersource for ultimate taste and enjoyment- GROHE Blue HomeThe GROHE Blue Home kit consists of a special faucet and a cooler with integrated filter and carbonator. Family and friends will love the delicious taste of freshly filtered water. Speaking of space, no kitchen is too small for GROHE Blue Home. Thanks to its compact design, this drinking water system can easily be installed in nearly any kitchen in just a few steps. Kitchen cabinets with a width of 30 cm are sufficient for installing the cooler. The integrated filter for optimum water quality and the carbonator adding the fine bubbles can easily be exchanged from the front. Ordering fresh filters and refill cartridges takes just a few clicks in the GROHE Blue Online Shop - everything needed is supplied straight to the customer's door.


Smart and intuitive GROHE SmartControl is packed with German technology and manufactured to the very highest standards of German workmanship, as encapsulated in the label "Made in Germany". At its heart is the combined push-and-turn technology which gives users finger-tip control of the head and hand shower's different spray patterns, while allowing control of the water flow rate by rotating the buttons. For a truly personalized shower experience that pampers the whole body, the generously dimensioned GROHE Rainshower 360 Duo head shower combines the gentle GROHE PureRain or GROHE Rain O2 spray with the energizing TrioMassage setting.


Cosmopolitan design, now even smaller: GROHE flush plates A particularly aesthetic solution now comes in the form of the new GROHE flush plates, with their small size and flat design. Available in all shapes, from square to round and lozenge, they ensure a coordinated style by echoing the design language of the manufacturer's faucets and showers. GROHE developers have successfully reduced the size of the flush plates to 130mm by 172mm without compromising cistern access or complicating maintenance. This combination of stylish design and excellent functionality is a compelling proposition for interior designers, residents and installers alike.