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Sep 2014
Garou at Beirut Holidays
Concert Beirut Waterfront

And what a majestic ending! Garou was the one to perform last and end this round of Beirut Holidays. September 6, 2014 was no ordinary night; thousands have gathered at the Beirut Waterfront to attend the stunning performance of the international performer, Garou. He received a very warm interaction from the audience as the evening became even more romantic when the rain started falling but all remained seated and got more attached to the show.



Garou had visited Lebanon before, but this time he uniquely communicated with the audience and saluted Beirut. He introduced his band which used to perform the famous Elvis Presley show in Las Vegas for years, and he went down the stage to take memorable photos with the audience. He didn’t settle to songs of his own but also sang for Aznavour, along with other rocky English songs. He was also generous to his audience when they showed him their desire to listen to more songs after he wrapped up with “Belle,” so he came back to the stage to conclude with two rock songs.



Lebanon, though aching, has shown the Canadian singer its passion for good music, its dedication to enjoy a good concert despite all that’s happened, and its resilience to nature when the rain had no impact on the devoted fans. It’s just a temporary farewell, hoping to welcome Garou in many future concerts…


By : Stephany B.

Downtown, Beirut
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