Beiruting - Events - Garden of Love
Apr 2016
Garden of Love
Theater Theatre Monot

A poetic performance written and directed by Lara Kanso


Playing at Monnot Theatre from Thursday, April 7th to Sunday April 17th


Ticketing: All branches of Librairie Antoine and on


Language: Arabic

"Garden of Love" is a poetic theatrical performance whose story is inspired by "The Silk Drum", a traditional form of the Japanese "No" theatre. It weaves together live music, dance and theater to create a unique experience of ultimate love.


"Garden of Love" tells the tale of a princess who is drawn to mysticism and an old gardener who, one day, happens to see the princess and falls immediately in love with her. She sends the poor man a message of promise. If he is able to fulfill her wish by playing on a tambourine that she will have especially designed for him, she will send him locks of hair. However, the tambourine is made out of silk! The old man strikes it beautifully, but it makes no sound. The fate of these two characters will take an unexpected direction. They will follow, each in his own way, a rather mystical path.




The Artists

Actors : Roger Assaf, Sarah Wardé, Rozy Yazji

Singer : Daline Jabbour

Choreography and dancer : Kazumi Fuchigami

Scenography: Niloufar Afnan

Music: Khaled Yassine

Paintings / Illustrations : Nada Matta

Lighting: Hagop Derghougassian

Video : Studio Kawakeb

Costumes : Mira Tabet (AMITA)

Script and Direction : Lara Kanso

Production : O de Rose

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