Beiruting - Events - From Miss to Mrs. Alice Abdel Aziz
May 2018
From Miss to Mrs. Alice Abdel Aziz
Wedding Biel

The Biggest Wedding.


it started with an I Do and it ended with they did it!


The wedding ceremony of Alice Abdel Aziz is not to be compared to your typical wedding expectations, simply because it wasn't!


The 3 occasions festivities started with the Katb el Kitab ceremony on May 5thby the sea, the pre-wedding party on May 9th and the wedding day on May 11th.


The wedding started with a 3D box invitation sent to over 1000 guests across the world-On the night, the new Biel witnessed its first wedding gig under the theme of Alice in Wonderland to which every detail embraced the theme; starting with invitation card, the welcome drink with Alice in Woderland's characters, the waterfall inside the venue, down to the table set-up.


The bridal dress took over 1200 hours of craftmanship, hand embroidery and delicate detailing. It includedSwarovski crystals, beads, threads raffia and light threads with a touch of multicolored beads- the dress was made by the genius Rami Kadi.



The wedding cake weighed over a ton and had over 7000 hand-made flowers carved all around- the couple were levitated from the inside to create the iconic statue of every wedding protocol- (catering Le43)


Emotions were high as the bride made her appearance with Nawal el Zoghbi debuting the show- besides family and friends, the media was covering the event from all over the world- channels like RTL, ROTANA, MBC TRENDING, HIA MAGAZINE and others..


The event was broadcasted live on Alice Abdel Aziz's YouTube channel where her followers tuned in.


One may not miss the sisters, as Nadine, Farah & Diana glowed in Reem Kashmar design dresses, as they glided their way through the venue.

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