Beiruting - Events - All Stars Night at Soma resto bar
Dec 2023
All Stars Night at Soma resto bar
Soma resto bar celebrated the Holiday season and invited celebrities and media figures to a special dinner under the theme “Soma all Stars’ Night”. The guests enjoyed the enchanting place at Mar Mikhael, Achrafieh and Soma’s special menu that was prepared especially for this occasion.
Soma is the essence of the human experience, it represents the depth of human relations celebrated through sharing intimate and authentic moments in an enveloping space and ambiance that is welcoming and true to the essence of things; the essence of taste, of smell of interaction and of true joy. Nestled in the heart of vibrant Beirut, Soma offers a unique dining experience that seamlessly blends flavors of contemporary culinary artistry. With a diverse and internationally-influenced menu, Soma aims to tantalize taste buds and create memorable moments for patrons seeking a culinary adventure.
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