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Mar 2022
Kempinski's Wedding Flair
Kempinski Summerland Hotel
Kempinski Summerland Hotel  Damour Kempinski's Wedding Flair Lebanon
Preparing for a dazzling wedding?
We are delighted to invite you to ‘Kempinski’s Wedding Flair’ on Saturday 5 March at the Waltz Ballroom, from 12 pm till 8 pm. Don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to see our stunning venue dressed in a flawless mix of elegance and luxury, just the way you would desire it to be on your big day.

Join us next Saturday at Kempinski Summerland, the address for Beirut’s most glamorous weddings, to enjoy a long list of exclusive benefits and special packages, available only for attending couples.

In addition, our professional wedding specialists will be there to welcome you and treat you with utmost care and attention. Whether you prefer an indoor or an outdoor wedding, they will be ready to assist you and provide you with answers to all your questions and enquiries. Please reserve your private 20-minute consultation with them in advance by calling 81312008/9.

For more information, email us at or call us at 81312008/9.
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