Beiruting - Events - Dr. Anthony Fakhoury launches Smile For a better Lebanon at Regency Palace Hotel
Dec 2021
Dr. Anthony Fakhoury launches Smile For a better Lebanon at Regency Palace Hotel
Gala Dinner Regency Palace Hotel
Regency Palace Hotel Jounieh Gala Dinner Dr. Anthony Fakhoury launches Smile For a better Lebanon at Regency Palace Hotel Lebanon

Dr.Anthony Fakhoury launches “Smile For a better Lebanon” at Regency Palace Hotel


Dr. Anthony Fakhoury, Dentist and Founder of Smile to Smile Dental Clinics, launched “Smile For a better Lebanon” campaign at a luxurious dinner that gathered many artistic, social and media figures, at Regency Palace Hotel, Adma.

The evening was marked by an atmosphere of joy. It started with a parade performance that added a festive Christmas atmosphere, followed by Dr. Anthony Fakhoury speech, who welcomed the guests and explained about the campaign and its official launch. Dr. Anthony Fakhoury’s reputation as a technically beautiful smile maker has spread for more than eighteen years. His work is not limited to dentistry only, but also includes a large part of social services from organizing awareness campaigns in schools and educational institutions and organizing social activities on various occasions.

In light of the difficult living conditions faced by the Lebanese, Dr. Fakhoury launched his individual initiative to bring laughter to people's faces through an evening entitled "Smile for a Better Lebanon", which included a number of comedians. The campaign aims to put a smile on people's faces, as hope is the only thing that motivates us to continue and believe in a better Lebanon. The campaign is complemented by visits by the Smile to Smile Dental Clinics team to families who need support in order to greet them, stand by them and draw a smile on their faces.

A report was broadcasted during the dinner about Smile to Smile Dental Clinics career, followed by the cutting cake with the team, and a choreographic dance performed by the dancer Gabriella. Then comedians Michel Abou Sleiman, Fadi Charbel, Rodrigue Ghosn, Elie Jledeh, Amal Taleb presented their shows. In an unexpected surprise, comedian Gaby Hoayek appeared on stage wearing a half-mask on his face, and revealed that he had discovered by chance that he had a benign tumor in his head, he underwent an operation to remove the tumor, but it paralyzed half of his face. Gaby decided not to give up, wore a mask on half his face and presented his theatrical performance, which was very impressive and prompted Dr. Fakhoury to welcome him and thank him for his participation in the event.

Mario Basil, with his band consisting of Chady Maroun, Tatiana Mereb, Joey presented a show in which the guests laughed while imitating each character. The evening ended with a wonderful artistic atmosphere presented by Singer Yara Korkmaz.

The journey of Smile to Smile Dental Clinics, which was founded by Dr. Anthony Fakhoury, started with the opening of the first medical clinic in 2003 in Jal El Dib, followed by the opening of the second branch in Kaslik. It was a successful process, continuous and rapid development culminated in the opening of the third main branch in  Hamra. The start was with the presence of two people and developed to reach twenty people, and more than ten dentists specialized in dentistry, with the constant keenness to provide the latest technologies.

Smile to Smile Dental Clinics is famous for its cosmetic dentistry and has achieved a great spread in the world, becoming a destination for many patients from Western and Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries, with the aim of obtaining the most beautiful smile. The clinics were distinguished by quality and continuous development in order to satisfy patients and provide the best services, such as “medical tourism full service” that caters to them throughout their stay in Lebanon. Smile to Smile Dental Clinics receives all family members of all ages, so a special department was established to treat children and take care of their dental health, with the presence of an integrated team and full readiness.

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