Beiruting - Events - Erbaa Bi Noss El Jemaa at Boulevard Beirut
Feb 2016
Erbaa Bi Noss El Jemaa at Boulevard Beirut
Social Event Boulevard Beirut

In the presence of media personalities, bloggers and celebrities, Boulevard Beirut, a Lebanese eatery that echoes the heartbeat of Beirut, combining the epicurean richness of home-cooked and traditional Lebanese cuisine hosted the very first oriental night "Erbaa Bi Noss El Jemaa".


Building upon the original techniques and timeless recipes of older generations of Lebanese households, Boulevard Beirut offers the same respected delicacies from mezze to salads to perfectly char-grilled and seasoned barbecue meats to all the Lebanese food eaters.


During the night, invitees were hosted by Addmind team who introduced their guests to their new delectable Middle Eastern cuisine menu and enjoyed a very authentic Lebanese themed night featuring live entertainment, a fortune teller and a story teller.

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