Beiruting - Events - Edgard Aoun and Elio Kallassi Eclectic
Nov 2014
Edgard Aoun and Elio Kallassi Eclectic
Concert Platea

It is said that "Music is food for the soul".  This was the case when Lebanon's classical pianist Elio Kallassi, along with the remarkable Lebanese Tenor Edgard Aoun, joined together to perform "Eclectic," a first of its kind collaboration that derives style from a broad and diverse range of sources, as the name Eclectic suggests.




Held on November 27, 2014 at Platea theatre, Jounieh, Eclectic concert comes in celebration of the launching of the new album which presents nine classical songs performed by the renowned Tenor Edgard Aoun, and orchestrated and re-arranged by Elio Kallassi, along with three instrumental tracks composed by the latter.  This dynamic concert delighted the audience with songs elegantly blending symphonic orchestral music with modern electronic tunes.


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