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Jun 2014
Eco Challenge & ART Waste Contest Business Members
Outdoor Kroum Ehden

On May 31st and June 1st 2014, Zero Waste ACT®, the acclaimed waste segregation and recycling program, invited its schools and businesses members that are making this program a success to take part in the Eco-Challenge and ART Waste Contest. This year's event was sponsored by Contra International, Holdal Abou Adal Group, and Kroum Ehden Boutique Resort.

This two day event was brimming with activities and vibrant exchanges. It invited participants to unwind in a beautiful, lush green part of Lebanon, highlighting the importance of protecting our environment. A much welcome break from the usual school and office routines, this 'escape into nature' opened the door to a wealth of experiences. The Eco-Challenge thrilled with its variety of adventurous outdoor activities. Each activity was thoughtfully conceived in a way that delivered a potent environmental message in a joyous atmosphere. The ART Waste Contest portion of the event centered on reusing waste by transforming it into art. It combined creativity, skills and non-recyclable waste and resulted in the design of unique creations. The Eco-Challenge and ART Waste Contest both reinforce the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling in a bid to sustain what little we have left of our precious nature.


May 31st attracted around 200 students from 16 schools. Jesus and Mary won the Eco-Challenge with Ste. Famille Jounieh coming in second and Valley International School taking third. The Art Waste Contest also saw Jesus and Mary in first place with Valley International School in second and La Jeune Fille du Liban - Beit Hebbak coming in third. Khalil Chehab School snagged the first place for the waste segregation bins with Sesobel in second.



June 1st witnessed around 180 employees from 45 businesses going head to head while showcasing their teamwork skills. ABS and Bureau Veritas won the Eco-Challenge with Orkila coming in second and Holdal Abou Adal Group in third. The businesses also battled it out during a workshop for designing segregation bins. Mouin Aoun Contracting and Wood and Gas won first place with Quality Telecom Services in second and Stamina Gym and Beirut Circle coming in third. All the segregation bins designed will be displayed in Kroum Ehden Boutique Resort under an initiative titled 'Tfannan'. Tfannan is a concept that supports any artistic individual. These bins will play a central role in driving the resort's staff and visitors to separate and recycle their waste.


Zero Waste ACT® thanked the participants for showing such a high level of commitment to the environment and recycling. It also thanked the media for shedding light on the importance of such an event and for helping to spread awareness. Together we can ensure that these efforts to protect the environment don't go to waste.


Eco Challenge & ART Waste Contest School Members