Beiruting - Events - DiaLeb's Lunch for a Cause
Dec 2023
DiaLeb's Lunch for a Cause
Social Event
On January 14, DiaLeb held its first edition of “Lunch for a Cause”, a celebratory lunch to honor advocacy & media ambassadors at Bou Melhem Restaurant, Sin el Fil.

During the ceremony, the Advocacy Ambassador Awards were presented to active members of the DiaLeb family, including patients living with diabetes in appreciation of their contribution toward DiaLeb’s mission of supporting people living with diabetes
Media Ambassador awards were presented to: Actress Karla Boutros, Majed Bou Hadir, and Beiruting in appreciation of their contribution toward DiaLeb’s mission of raising diabetes awareness.

During her speech, Dr. Jackie Maalouf, Vice President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and President & Founder of DiaLeb stated: “I thank you all for your continuous support! Today, I call upon policy makers and the health ministry to take urgent action to solve the on-going crisis of insulin shortage because Insulin is Life.”

The lunch was well attended and included a number of doctors from DiaLeb’s scientific board, DiaLeb’s board members, Dr. Mohamed Sandid, IDF MENA Chair, and multiple media and social personalities.

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