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Aug 2016
City Picnic Beirut
Outdoor Hippodrome de Beyrouth

On August 21st, Beirut witnessed one of the most anticipated events of the year, “City Picnic”, the largest picnic in Lebanon, gathering more than 6,000 participants in one of the capital’s largest green spaces, Hippodrome Park Beirut. This summer, Virgin Radio Lebanon and Mindwhisk, the leading events planning agency in Lebanon, , united Lebanese citizens in the heart of the city, to enjoy good times, create memories and share laughter and joy.


From early morning, people started gathering in Hippodrome Park Beirut, to set their blankets and prepare their spot for food and drinks. On the sounds of all-favorite hits, the atmosphere was heated up by the performances of Local bands and DJs, the JLP show, Nour Nimri, Soundz Good, Mougleta, DJ Mass, DJ Martin Avari, DJ Rolly, YAM, B.O.X. And what fun do Picnics bring without some outdoor activities, like flying kites or playing Baby Foot, or practicing Yoga in the middle of the city? Participants were eager to try all these activities during this pet-friendly event that was wrapped up by an open air cinema experience, drawing smiles on people’s faces and reminding Lebanese that our city is beautiful, despite all political negativity.



Roula Mezher, ManagingDirector of Mindwhisk,expressed her happiness seeing the joy emanating from all attendees, saying, “When I sense this exhilaration surfacing above all negativity, I feel that City Picnic succeeded in adding flavor to the daily routine of Lebanese citizens. City Picnic broke the record by proving that Lebanon is a dream land where we can be happy amongst all turmoil”.



In the middle of the city, Lebanon’s largest ever picnic “City Picnic” united Lebanese in one of the largest green spaces in Beirut, Hippodrome Park Beirut. Wrapping up this event, Mindwhisk promises Lebanese citizens to always unite them in events combining fun, joy and happiness.

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