Beiruting - Events - Children Artistic Workshop
Oct 2020
Children Artistic Workshop
Sursock Palace

The Book of Beirut is a daring and unique artistic

initiative initiated by Roula Youssef, who graduated in Fine and Applied Arts,

and is the founder of the children’s publishing house Yzness.


“The Book of Beirut” is an artistic production based on Art workshops that

offer the children of Beirut a space to express their feelings, their emotions,

their feelings and their ideas on the explosion that happened on August 4, in

complete freedom and without inhibitions.


The book will be a collection of 180 “postcards” drawn by children from

Beirut. These "postcards" are a message from the heart sent by the children

of Beirut to the world – each signed with the child's fingerprint and

accompanied by a note.

To achieve this book and collect the drawings, the children of Beirut are

invited to participate in weekly Art workshops, each lasting 3 hours.

During these workshops, children are guided and supported by child

psychologists, and through numerous proposed artistic activities, can

express their emotions and feelings other than by just words. It’s about

letting them express through Art.


A pilot project was held on Saturday October 10, 2020, from 10 a.m. to 1

p.m., in the garden of the Sursock Palace in Ashrafieh.

Sursock Palace , Beirut
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