Beiruting - Events - Bilal at Music Hall
Oct 2014
Bilal at Music Hall
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Born in 1983 to an Arab Gipsy clan, the "Doms", Bilal worked as a shoeshine boy on the same street as ElefRecords' offices when he was noticed at age 14 by Michel Elefteriades who saw in his aura the potential of a charismatic star.
Elefteriades immediately "adopted" him, mentored his artistic talent and offered him the necessary skills and assets to enable him to put up with the stress and responsibilities of a future artistic career.
As of 2002, Bilal started performing concerts and being invited by major TV networks. He then performed at the Baalbeck Festival in 2004.
Bilal is not only an artist, he is also fighting for the recognition of his people who are still living in unacceptable conditions.
Bilal's first album is yet another novel fusion concept by Elefteriades, mixing Arabian, Domari (Arab Gipsy) and Balkan Gipsy in a groovy approach.

Bilal & The Yugoslavian Gipsy Brass Band held a Live concert at MusicHall Beirut on Monday 20th of  October 2014.