Beiruting - Events - Aleem Yusuf Couture SS2020 Collection
Jan 2020
Aleem Yusuf Couture SS2020 Collection
Fashion Show

Like a rose, 'Obsession' explores the layers of love, individuality and beauty as well as their transparent fragility. 'Obsession' seeks to explore the complexity of these layers. With further inspiration from the feminine form, 'Obsession' ultimately captures a woman's innate sensual, delicate essence with layers of sheer contrasts revealing her inner strength and beauty.


'Obsession' also showcases the traditions of couture - the cut and drape of exquisite fabric, age-old techniques and attention to detail. Couture, like a rose, can be beautiful, fierce and fragile. It deserves our utmost respect.


No matter what season or time of year or location, Aleem Yusuf shows always begin with a homage to Melbourne. Or to be more precise, with a homage to Melbourne black - a beautiful colour worn by Melburnians in all seasons. And so it is only appropriate that we honour this warm, deep, nurturing shade of black to introduce the 'Obsession' collection. This first gown will also hint at what is about to unfold as we welcome you to our 'Obsession'.

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