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Feb 2019
Al Remas hits 10M Subscribers
Social Event Activities

Upon hitting a major milestone on YouTube, Sada Al Remas Foundation hosted a conference at Babel Hotel on February 2, 2019 to celebrate its 10 million subscribers.

Representatives, businessmen, and the foundation's stars were among the attendees.


While sharing this ground-breaking that made Al Remas the most popular channel in the region due to its subscribers number, its founder Mr. Raafat Badr, marked the occasion with a speech recognizing with appreciation the efforts of Iraqi artists and producers, as well as the collaborations between Iraqi and Arabic TV channels who were proactively involved in the rise of Iraqi Production to number one in the Arab region, with the hope of ranking higher internationally. In addition, Sada Al Remas music videos will be available for streaming on the Tentime platform, launching soon.


On another hand, Mr Badr paid tribute to the Iraqi Ministry of Communications, media authorities, telecommunication and internet companies in Iraq for improving the communications infrastructure in the country.


Al Remas Foundation for Media and Arts bestowed recognition to the Iraqi people whose acknowledgement and support have contributed to this achievement.


At the end, the Golden Shield award was presented to Iraqi government officials, as well as Iraqi and Arab singers, during a ceremony.


The conference was sponsored by Tentime, Savoo, Scopesky, New Touch, Earthlink, Davidoff, Mr Max, Yomme & Mazaya






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