Beiruting - Events - A Star in the world of Interior Design and furniture has landed in Beirut : Design Lounge

A Star in the world of Interior Design and furniture has landed in Beirut:

“Design Lounge” start hosting the international Italian brand “Moroso".

Recently, the renowned Italian and international brand: “Moroso”, has landed in Beirut. An ancient name, with more than half a century experience in the field of interior design and furniture developed by the most prominent architects and designers is now available at the Design Lounge s.a.l – under Asfahani  group holding s.a.l in Mansourieh.

The official opening ceremony was held to welcome the brand and was attended by “Mr. Moroso” himself and his wife on September 8, 2022, in the presence of number of Lebanese and foreign architects, as well as interior designers, art and design lovers, a number of journalists and media professionals and social figures, alongside with live DJ music and drinks and bites in celebration of the new brand.

Design Lounge Gallery is a concept that paved the way to a new world of home furnishing characterized by comfort and luxury with high quality functions at reasonable prices.

Design Lounge seeks through its designs to satisfy all tastes of people through many specialists and professionals ready to assist customers in the selection of colors, quality of fabric and details that make all the difference in the world of interior designs.

The participants were able to discover 18 international brands, in addition to the latest "Moroso" brand. The gallery's curators expressed their readiness to meet all requests of customers and visitors quickly, efficiently and with high quality guaranteed.

The gallery opens its doors daily in Mansourieh - Main Road and receives visitors starting at 10:00 AM in the morning.

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