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Apr 2017
A Culinary Memoir
Social Event Eau De Vie-Phoenicia

The Phoenicia Hotel Beirut celebrated the official launch of the Phoenicia Culinary Institute on April 27 with a unique dining event at Eau de Vie titled A Culinary Memoir - Around the World in 7 Courses.



The Phoenicia Culinary Institute leverages the renowned industry expertise of the Phoenicia Hotel in order to share it with a wider audience and to contribute to enhancing Lebanon's hospitality sector. The Institute is comprised of an Academy and a Club. The Academy delivers training and education to culinary professionals as well as residency programs where an individual can nurture their skills. Culinary enthusiasts are provided with amateur courses as well as tastings, dining experiences, special events featuring visiting star chefs, and culinary travel.



In celebration of this launching, A Culinary Memoir - Around the World in 7 Courses reunited the talents of seven esteemed chefs from across the region whose illustrious careers have included positions at the Phoenicia Hotel and whose journeys and experiences beyond the hotel provided the inspiration for each course.Alongside the 7-course menu, an exclusive presentation invited dinner guests to taste novel creations prepared by the research and development section of the Phoenicia Culinary Institute. Proceeds from the dinner went to the Lebanese Autism Society.



For more information on the Phoenicia Culinary Institute, please visit

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