Beiruting - Events - A 5-Star Party Under the Stars
Jul 2018
A 5-Star Party Under the Stars
Nightlife Kempinski Summerland Hotel

Kempinski Summerland Hotel and Resort hosted its summer party on Thursday July 5 at the outdoor pool near the shore for what was an all-inclusive celebration. The main attraction was the stage surrounded by either tables or lounges, which were also scattered around the bar in a manner that encourages people to mingle yet still maintain their privacy. The guest list of around 500 people included media, digital influencers, loyal clients, VIP guests and friends of the hotel and the general ambiance was a mix of chic and laidback as invitees let loose dancing the night away in a grand setup. To add to the night's charm were the many candles on Kempinski's private sandy beach in sync with the venue's dim lighting.



Several live cooking stations were setup, and guests had the choice to approach the buffet or have the service at their tables. The menu varied from pizzas straight out of the oven, mini burgers, and a wide array of sushi. The pasta chefs were ready to take orders, and beside them were the shawarma and fajita stands. The meal wouldn't be complete without not one, but two ice cream stations where guests could choose their topping from the large dessert selection available.

The entertainment started with a Latin show by Jose Carlos, followed by a pop-disco performance by Ingrid Naccour, and the modern Oriental beats of Ziad Malek. As midnight approached, the fireworks began, a show that left everyone in awe and ready for percussionist Albert Boyadjian, followed by a DJ to close the set.



This party definitely sets the pace for an exciting summer ahead! Make sure to reserve on +9611858000 or