Beiruting - Events - AGBU Annual Midlent Lunch
Mar 2018
AGBU Annual Midlent Lunch
Social Event B By Elefteriades

Drawing more than 250 attendees, the Traditional Mid-Lent luncheon organized by the AGBU Lebanon Ladies Auxiliary was a successful sold out event. It was held in the B by Elefteriades Venue in AISHTI BY THE SEA under the patronage of HE Jean Oghassabian Minister of State for Women's Affairs who attended the event.



Mrs. Kaline Yaverian, the chairwoman of AGBU Lebanon Ladies Auxiliary, cheerfully greeted the attendees- honored invited guests, friends and members of AGBU. Among the attendees were Mrs. Isabella Mkrtchyan, Mrs. Nadia Jean Oghassabian, Mrs. Salma Vrej Sabounjian, Mrs. Hasmig Haroutiun Samuelian and Mrs. Lucy Garbis Tutunjian. Mrs. Dzovig Hovagimian cheerfully greeted the attendees on behalf of the Ladies Auxiliary.



The artistic portion of the event included eclectic music played live by amazing musicians and a unique fashion show.The AGBU Lebanon Ladies Auxiliary have always been patrons and supporters of various activities that promote and preserve the Armenian identity and heritage and fundraising for education has always been their main purpose.

Jal El Dib