Beiruting - Events - 4 In Style a special celebration at Pop In Eatery
Apr 2024
4 In Style a special celebration at Pop In Eatery
Social Event

Rita Mansour invited celebrities and public figures to celebrate "4 In Style" a special event that took place at Pop In garden located in Achrafieh on 24/4/2024 at 4 p.m.


"4 In Style" a celebration of 4 concepts founded by 4 ladies: Orchidea In Style founded by Rita Mansour, is a new concept that offers online limited spices of orchids and supports the unique ideas of Lebanese creatives, artists, and designers in order to help them be well recognized in Lebanon and worldwide and sell their creations online. Among the creatives who joined Orchidea In Style were Joud Hamwi founder of, an artist and fashion lover interested in mixing art with fashion. Joud now has their own fashion line, where they paint on clothes and design trays. She also makes earrings with clay. Perla El Murr, a home baker and founder of She bakes flower-themed cakes and cupcakes. Her concept is very unique and perfect for gifting, special events, and gatherings. The second occasion is Pop In Eatery opening in the heart of Achrafieh, founded by Amal Nacouzi and presenting a fusion of style and flavor with a variety of twisted and delicious food and a signature coffee. Credou, a design studio founded by Georgette Sakhlat, specializes in branding and advertising. Manale Saade Mental Health is a life coach who empowers individuals to rediscover their purpose, unlock their potential, and achieve their long-term life goals through personalized coaching.

Vie-Health Company was represented by Mr. Ali Abdallah, owner and director of the company, whose social goal was to leave a positive impact on the lifestyle of Lebanese people by bringing a healthy aspect into their mode of living. Vie-Health offered all guests a goody bag of supplements, infusions, and organic products from Vie-Health.

A special cake designed with orchids was prepared by Baking Art, and OrchideaInStyle Vanilla Passion Hand & Body Cream, prepared by Bellissima, was also gifted to all guests. 

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