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13 Things You Miss When You Leave Lebanon-Part 2
3 years ago
If you’ve been following our content, you probably had a good laugh and nodded your head many times while reading part one. While most of part one consists of traits you absolutely won't miss when you leave, part two will surely include some that you will. 1. Grandma’s cooking The only place having an empty plate in front of you is considered a crime   2. Manakish Did you know a plain thyme mankoushe sells for about $8 in NYC?. 3. Lebanese Mezza Gotta love hummus!. ... read more

13 Things You Miss When You Leave Lebanon-Part 1
Nov 10, 2017
Whether you love it or hate it, you've all complained about Lebanon at least once (or 100 times) in your life. It's excusable, given the political unrest, power outages, water shortages, corruption, and... well the list is endless. What's surprising though, is you often find yourself missing this incomplete country and these are several things that you might catch yourself reminiscing about.  1. Power outagesOther countries have too much of it anyway  2. Political r... read more
Lebanon's food and beverage scene has made it to Forbes
Nov 09, 2017
It's not the first time international media puts our war torn country in positive light, but when it comes to traditional dishes and an abundance of fine wines, you know any tourist is in for quite the culture shock. Lebanon's food and beverage scene has made it to Forbes, thanks to contributor Lauren Mowery who visited the beautiful country for 9 days and had only pleasant things to say about its people, streets, delectable dishes and vineyards. Despite traffic con... read more
Most Annoying People During Traffic in Lebanon
Feb 23, 2017
Just after war criminals come the second worst human beings in the world and that are people in traffic. Just kidding of course. There’s a lot worse people that annoying people in traffic, but let us tell you about the 10 annoying things that people stuck in traffic do in Lebanon. 1.Switching Lanes Guy Honestly, has switching lanes during traffic ever helped anyone? Ohh that lane is going faster, let’s all switch sides. No!. 2.Honking Unnecessarily GuyWhy? We are al... read more
6 Lebanese Ski Resorts
Jan 23, 2017
Sure Lebanon is small. That’s not news! However, despite its small size, we have A LOT going on! Let’s take the winter season. The range of beautiful and large mountains do not fail to impress. Most Lebanese people share this desire in common and that is that they simply cannot wait to head over to the ski slopes during the winter season. Here is a list (not in order) of our beautiful snowy covered ski resorts: 1.Mzaar Kfardebian Ski Resort .Mzaar Ski Resort is wide... read more
Lebanon Expats 700,000 Lebanese this New Year's Eve
Dec 09, 2016
700,000 are expected to fly back to Lebanon for the holidays. The Ministry of Tourism has confirmed that they are expecting huge numbers based on airline reservations.  1st of December through 10th of January, airline reservations show that around this many Lebanese will be entering and leaving Lebanon. An estimated study of around 4 billion dollars will probably be spent by these visitors to celebrate the holiday with their friends and families.  There is a fear ho... read more
5 Types of Lebanese Drivers
Nov 28, 2016
When you drive in Lebanon, it doesn’t take you long to pick up on those familiar types of drivers you encounter on a daily basis. You see them everywhere. You might even be one of them. Here are 5 types of Lebanese Drivers:  1)The Chosen onesDon’t get us started on this one.So… apparently if your number is red, you automatically become invincible. You can drive anywhere, on top of anyone, at any street lights or signs. Your hand is untouchable since you are immortal... read more
Oct 25, 2016
Sometimes you can't help but rant - nevertheless, this one is relatable to most of us if not all. It's about Traffic. Yes, Traffic. In Lebanon... WHAT? There's Traffic in Lebanon? Where...WHERE? In fact, my dears, it's everywhere. However, today I will specifically be addressing one traffic jam that I'm a regular attendee to. Why? Because, it's avoidable. Stoppable. PREVENTABLE! Location: City Mall Bridge. Every morning I wake up dreading the moment I'll get in the ... read more
'Beirut is a city that refuses to die. I love its energy and resilience' by Mai Masri
Oct 20, 2016
For film-maker Mai Masri, this crumbling city on the Med, with a tortured past, is brimming with culture that continues to inspire artists and tourists. Beirut has a mix of beauty, history and anarchy that can be deeply inspiring. The element of the unexpected, even chaos, leaves a lot of space for creative expression. The reason I live in Beirut is because of the inspiration it gives me as an artist and film-maker. It challenges me and makes me feel connected. I fe... read more
Lebanon among 10 Countries that Host Half World's Refugees
Oct 10, 2016
Ten countries accounting for 2.5 percent of world GDP are hosting more than half the world's refugees, Amnesty International said Tuesday as it slammed what it called the selfishness of wealthy nations.  In a report on the plight faced by the world's 21 million refugees, the London-based human rights body lamented that countries immediately neighbouring crisis zones bear the brunt of the global refugee problem. Fifty-six percent of refugees are being sheltered in 10... read more
Lebanese Beauty Becomes the Face of Kinder Middle East
Aug 26, 2016
You cannot pass by Mikaella and not notice her. Her exceptional beauty and her blue eyes captured not only the eyes and hearts of those who have met her in person, but also the attention of worldwide companies like Gap, and Kinder! conducted a small talk with mommy Jihan, from which Mikaella probably earned her remarkable Sky-Blue eye color. 1-Who discovered Mikaella?I have encountered many people who kept telling me since she was still a baby how bea... read more
MEA new safety video featuring our beautiful Lebanon
Aug 24, 2016
This Middle East Airlines video is not your average safety ad. The national carrier of Lebanon has managed to create a safety video featuring the best of the country merged with safety tips while on the plane. And it is exceptionally awesome!! Because some of the most epic things happen when flying with MEA. The Video is courtesy of Philippe Aractingi,who begun his career by taking photographs of Beirut's daily life during the Lebanese Civil War, and he directed his... read more
Beirut and Lebanon on a budget – All you need to know!
Aug 22, 2016
This article is written by: Ana Sánchez Beirut and Lebanon have been on my bucket list for ages but I never even knew why. Most of the news coming from Lebanon is either bad or very bad and there are always travel warnings against visiting this country. However, for some reason, Beirut was calling me, and this spring I finally decided to ignore the common belief that Lebanon is a dangerous place and travel to Beirut… I didn’t even tell mos... read more
Hummus Heaven: The World’s First Lebanese Sushi Train
Aug 19, 2016
Sydney's Mezza Train, located just outside of the city centre, is a rich expression of Lebanese culture, alongside traditional dishes with a twist.While you may be familliar with the idea of eating raw fish and sushi rolls from a train, Adam Mansour and Spring Makloof have brought the concept into the world of Lebanese cuisine and created their very-own Lebanese 'sushi' train. The eatery, Mezza Train Sydney, features hummus, baba ganoush and all the edible hallmarks... read more
Beirut Tops The Best International Cities for Food
Aug 16, 2016
No matter where in the world you're traveling, you're going to eat. And if you plan to make that a very important part of your trip (which we suggest you do),consider heading to one of the worlds best cities for food. No. 1 Beirut, LebanonLebanons capital city, Beirut, is having a bit of a cultural renaissanceand its not just new museums like the striking Ashti Foundation that have attracted international attention. Theres arguably no better way to sense the friendl... read more
The Complete Calendar of Lebanese athletes in Rio
Aug 11, 2016
Nine Lebanese athletes are participating in the 2016 Olympics. To be closer to our new ambassadors who will bring honor to their country, newsrooms and the Lebanese diaspora site in the world associate during this Olympic are inviting you to discover the profile of our athletes and their programs.   Lebanese Calendar: Thursday, August 11 0:20 - Fencing: F Foil - Bronze Medal Match (Mona Shaito *)Thursday, August 11 1:15 - Fencing: Fencing... read more
The United States of Lebanon
Aug 10, 2016
So I was in the States not too long ago which explains the article drought from my side, and as a tourist, writer/tourist, or whatever it is that I am, after having spent 3 weeks there visiting 5 states, you would expect me to come back with a lot of things to write about. In reality, I do have a lot of things to say, so here it is. First of all, I loved every square inch of everywhere I visited. From the "I got money and I wreck a Bentley for fun" rap style Miami t... read more
VOGUE : 4 Perfect Days in Beirut
Jul 15, 2016
Beirut. It’s one of the oldest cities in the world and was, for a period, considered to be the Paris of the Middle East. These days, it is affectionately referred to as “Bey,” and, quite frankly, resembles Miami by way of Portland more than it does the City of Light. Despite ongoing political turmoil, Beirut remains a hub for Levantine history combined with stunning juxtapositions: green hills, a sea-cradled peninsula, labyrinthine streets, neglected architecture—fr... read more
Nadia Aboulhosn:plus-sized Lebanese-American fashion blogger
Jul 12, 2016
Nadia Aboulhosn is a Lebanese-American fashion blogger, model, and designer from Orlando, Florida.She is best known for designing clothing lines for, Addition Elle, and Lord & Taylor. Aboulhosn has been featured in Vogue Italia, Complex Magazine, Refinery29, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue,American Apparel, and BuzzFeed. At age 22, Nadia moved to Harlem, New York.She started her blog in 2010.Her blogging career began as something she did in her spare t... read more
Interesting Discoveries in Byblos
Jul 05, 2016
In the 11th century before Christ, the ancient Egyptian traveler Wenamon describes standing in the office of the prince of Byblos, the waves of the Mediterranean Sea crashing outside the window behind him, as though they were "hitting the back" of the prince's head.  Wenamon had been sent by Egypt's King Ramses XI on a mission to retrieve cedar wood to repair a sacred vessel. The negotiations were tense, and the Egyptian envoy was eventually forced to send home for ... read more
New Summer Trendy Places in Lebanon
Jul 04, 2016
Summer is the hottest among the four temperate seasons, and there is no question why!All the cool parties and the steamiest events happen in summer and we have brought you the Top 5 trendiest Summer venues in Lebanon so Brace yourself: This will be a summer to remember!Allure Lounge Bar Mandaloun Beach Club Beach Resort http://bei... read more
Yara Tony Zoghby, Top Student in Lebanon!
Jun 22, 2016
The minister of education Elias Bou Saab personally called Brevet Student Yara Tony Zoghby, to announce that she has earned the highest grade in Lebanon, with a total of 19.21/20.Congratulations Yara!Click here to watch the video!read more
British-Lebanese Surgeon Nadey Hakim Receives France’s Légion d’honneur
Jun 22, 2016
The French government awarded British-Lebanese surgeon Nadey Hakim, 57, France’s Légiond’honneur for his medical work. He was awarded this distinction by French Ambassador to Britain Sylvie Bermann in the presence of Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and Lebanon’s ambassador in London InaamOsseiran. Hakim said he was grateful to the French government for having bestowed on him “this great honor”. Ambassador Bermann delivered an address, saying: “Your whole life has been ... read more
Rare species of whale spotted in Dbayeh
Jun 17, 2016
In 2009, dolphins were spotted visiting the Off Coast of Dbayeh. The beautiful creatures were enjoying the waters of our Mediterranean and a group of young Lebanese have managed to capture a video of them that went viral. On June 18, you will still be hearing about some visitors that have decided to visit us at the Off-Coast of Dbayeh as well on June 16 2016. They are not Dolphins, but rumor has it they are a rare species of whales in extinction called the "Cuvier B... read more
19 year old Lebanese works with NASA
Jun 15, 2016
To her hometown “Kfarfakoud”in Shouf, Mount Lebanon, young Maya Radwan Nasr who’s ultimate dream is to build her own Space Station, is back to spend a short vacation that will last till June 24, before heading back to the United States. Maya is every teacher’s dream: She is the first eligible Arab student to earn a scholarship in Aerospace Engineering from MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Maya aced her second college year and earned a high number of awar... read more
Lebanese Beauty runs for Miss Universe Canada 2016
Jun 08, 2016
​Miss Universe Canada is a beauty pageant organized by “Beauties Of Canada Organization”, that gained the official rights to send a Canadian representative to the “Miss Universe Pageant”. It was created by Brandon Mclennan, and the company President is Nicaraguan-born Canadian Denis Davila. This year, and among 62 beautiful contestants, shines the name of a Lebanese young lady named Cynthia Ayoub. The beautiful contestant was born and raised in the heart of her home... read more
Valerie Abou Chacra Among the most Attractive Women in the World
Jun 03, 2016
Ever wondered where the largest population of pretty women exists? Yes of course beautiful women exist in any corner of the world but where exactly does the percentage of these stunning women sky rocket? And what is it that makes these women so darn appealing? Is it just their physical appearance or maybe   a certain trait that seems to have everyone talking. To make things simple we summed up the top 15 countries that are home to the world’s most attractive women. ... read more
The Lebanese Expatriate Writes Down His Feelings
Apr 28, 2016
When he packs his bag and heads towards the airport.When he decides to stay strong and wipes his tears.When he is somewhere high in the sky and all that comes to him is his timeline since childhood.When he reaches his destination with new hope to grow as a person.When he starts to acclimatize and gets the hang of things.When he meets new people and new cultures.When he shares his own culture with the new people.When he is busy buying a new car and furniture for his ... read more
Cheer Up! You’re Stuck in Traffic
Apr 21, 2016
Driving in Lebanon is a fun activity... for me at least. Whether the streets are empty or there is a traffic deadlock, it still is the same: I enjoy driving! But that's more down to me than anything else, because in reality, if I am unable to isolate myself from my surroundings and create a pleasant atmosphere in the cockpit of my car, driving in Lebanon will be hell. There are so many reasons for getting mad. For me, it's the horn. We Lebanese love that damn thing ... read more
Lebanon has the most billionaires
Apr 19, 2016
Forbes reminds us that "the past year was unkind to billionaires all over the world, including the Middle East, where Arab billionaires saw their net worth drop by 23.8% from a year ago." While we're feeling sorry for those poor ultra wealthy people, let's have a look at the list of the richest Arabs in the world. The ranking was released today by FORBES MIDDLE EAST. The list was based on net worths that are estimates as of February 12, 2016 for individual billionai... read more
Three Beirut Startups to Watch
Apr 13, 2016
Beirut is developing as a powerhouse for startups in the Middle East. The entrepreneurial culture, an increasing number of incubators and accelerators, access to growth funding and gradually favourable government policy are fuelling the rise of the startup ecosystem. Add in the Lebanon’s Central Bank’s circular 331, which freed up USD 450 million in funding to help boost the knowledge economy in Lebanon, and entrepreneurs in Lebanon are flourishing. The costly infra... read more
A Mini Lebanon in Lebanon
Apr 05, 2016
Surely you have some place in this world that is absolutely special to your heart. You know, that place where you are able to do things that you simply can't do in other places. That special place might be anywhere: the Eiffel tower, your room, your grandparents' house, or Antarctica. For my father, it is our old home in Zalka, for my sisters, it is Zalka itself (hey, we grew up there), and for me, it is the Ain el Mraysse - Ramlet el Bayda walkway (I'm gonna call i... read more
Lebanon that Bad?...NAH!!!
Mar 29, 2016
When you see two people in Lebanon talking to each other, you would probably hear something like this: the unemployment rate is sky high, trash is everywhere, there is no healthcare system, public transportation is unorganized, no damn electricity, no president for about the last 2 years, security issues, blah, blah, blah, and another .... BLAH! If there was an Olympic medal for moaning, Lebanon would secure the gold one each and every time. Seriously though, there ... read more
5 Proofs that Your Grandmother is Lebanese
Mar 04, 2016
1.You are OBLIGED to eat that Koussa she made for you whenever you go for a visit: Hungry or not, according to her you should eat PERIOD! 2.She always complains that you don't visit her enough even when you actually do!! 3.She's a good gossip teller and she keeps you up to date with whatever happens in her town. 4.She keeps telling you the same story over and over again! Like that time when your mom was your age she used to do this and that, but what you do is NOTHI... read more
Best Ways to Piss off a Lebanese Mom
Mar 03, 2016
1.You piss your mom off by not answering her 15 phone calls: She calls you a Gazillion times and all you have to do is telling her your phone was "Silent". And that's where the "How many times should i call you? lecture begins and lasts until she says the magic words "Starje ma tred tene marra!!"  2.You piss your mom off by telling her the neighbors Mloukhiye tastes better than yours:I tried it once with my mom... Not a cool joke guys! Not Cool!!  3.You piss your mo... read more
6 Types of Girls You Will Date in Lebanon
Mar 02, 2016
-The playgirl:This girl has no limits. She keeps surfing from 1 boyfriend to another just because she's a player and she's not into serious relationships. You see! Not only men are players! -The Plastic Girl:She's been under the knife for at least 10 times. You can spot her Lips, Butt, and breast augmentations from miles away, and let's not forget about the tremendous amount of BOTOX she has injected in her face.-Daddy's girl:This one is just daddy's little girl. Sh... read more
Where to Go in Beirut by NYTIMES
Feb 22, 2016
With a war in neighboring Syria and multiple crises at home — more than a million Syrian refugees straining the nation, a government without a president, a garbage-removal scandal that has turned parts of the country into a literal dump, and periodic bombings — the Lebanese capital is suffused with a fretful, subdued vibe these days. The nights are another story, however. The latest hot spot is Badaro, a leafy residential quarter of 1970s high-rise concrete building... read more
Top 10 Lebanese Restaurants
Feb 02, 2016
When you want to indulge in Premium Lebanese food, there are a few good restaurants that come to mind. Here is our top 10 list:  MhannaMhanna is one of the oldest Lebanese restaurants with authentic Lebanese food. Its first branch, which is still open today is located at Al Berdawni in Zahle. It is known as the "Casino Mhanna". After years of success, Mhanna opened its doors in the city, specifically on the Dbayeh High way. The latest addition is their branch in amc... read more
You Know You're Lebanese When...
Jan 22, 2016
You Know You're Lebanese...1. When someone greets you with HI KIFAK CA VA?2. I'll be there in 5 mins (when his 5mins turns into 5 hours)3. When you use the English words in your own Lebanese style(Takkaset,Farmatet,sayavet,akkaset,gawgaled etc...)4. When the airplane lands and all the lebanese people clap5. When you follow up an ambulance to reach your destination faster6. When the electricity goes off and that's something SO NORMAL for US7. When ur 3g connection is... read more
Newly Opened Venues in November
Dec 01, 2015
In the past couple of weeks several venues such as restaurants, pharmarcy's and more have opened their doors around Lebanon. Some businesses have expanded and added new branches while others have just entered the market. Stay up to date and check out this list so you can know what's new around you!   The Cheesecake Factory : The Cheesecake Factory®, the award-winning casual dining restaurant, has made its much-anticipated debut in Lebanon. The brand's first restaura... read more
Top 10 Hotels-Resorts for a winter Getaway
Nov 30, 2015
Are you looking for a winter getaway? Well here is a list of the top 10 resorts/ hotels for a short weekend vacation, away from the city's traffic and noise.   Ehden Country club: Have a moment of rest & tranquility away from the city & enjoy the divine beauty of the mountainous heavenly town of Ehden. All with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, Ehden Country Club features various deluxe guest rooms and spacious suite accommodations... read more
LEBANON tops the 2ND in Miss World 2015
Nov 30, 2015
After a few days in Sanya, a lot of things have changed in Miss World´s Leaderboard. China and the United States, for instance, have dropped from the Top 5 to the Top 25. Vietnam and Poland have taken their spots and are now 4th and 5th, respectively.  rance, up one notch, is in third place, while Lebanon took the lead by a "detail" in a fierce battle against Brazil. These two remain solid favorites for the crown!  Philippines has moved one position up and is now in... read more
Tasty Lebanese Cuisine Admired by NYC
Nov 19, 2015
The cuisine of the Levant is certainly well represented in NYC, though rarely does it receive the panting praise for those fleeting darlings that the food media is infatuated with at any given moment, which at this moment seems to be Southeast Asian and Mexican. Yet the food of the Middle East, especially Lebanon, sails on, oblivious to trends and consistent year after year.  Among the most practiced of these is Byblos, whose longtime Restaurateur/Chef Sabeh Kachouh... read more
Lebanon in Our Hearts
Nov 13, 2015
Lebanon is a "ray of hope" for tolerance in the Middle East, said a UN expert in April.  In line with the current happenings of the country and the situation as a whole, Lebanon is a country that is always loved, admired, and cared for.  Not only is Lebanon known for its beautiful landscapes and for the ability of going to the beach and mountains in the same day but also for its rich cultural and religious diversity.  Lebanese all over the world, even those living i... read more
NY Times : Beirut’s Art Scene Stirs Amid Tumult
Oct 28, 2015
The Aishti Foundation, a splashy new waterfront art space and shopping mall that opened on Sunday, showcases the blue-chip contemporary art collection of a Beirut luxury retail magnate. Massimiliano Gioni, the globe-trotting artistic director at the New Museum in New York, assembled the first exhibition. The prominent architect David Adjaye designed the building.  All that star power has helped confirm Beirut's place on the international art and fashion map. But Ais... read more
8 great places to watch the sunset in Lebanon
Oct 27, 2015
Here are 8 of our suggestions for the country's best sunset-watching spots.1. Amrieh (abandoned hotel), BikfayaOnce a top-tier destination for tourists and travelers, the past few decades have left the abandoned hotel empty and decaying. However, the incredible view of Lebanon and the sea laid out below hasn't been diminished one bit.2. Harissa, Mount LebanonEnjoy the telefèric ride up from Jounieh and watch the sunset beneath the gentle waves below you.3. Four Seas... read more
Top 10 Sushi Restaurants in Lebanon
Oct 22, 2015
Mon maki a moiMon Maki a Moi is a Japanese cuisine restaurant located in Byblos Souk and newly also in Dbayeh. It is a cuisine like no other, so genuine, delicious, and personal and most of all ecofriendly that's why called Mom Maki a Moi.  For more information or reservations please contact Mon maki a moi at+961 9 73 77 00 for the Jbeil branch+961 4 44 47 06 for the Dbayeh branch   SaiSaï is a cozy restaurant, with a warm atmosphere who serves a great variety of su... read more
Top 10 Italian restaurants in Lebanon
Oct 22, 2015
Top 10 Italian Restaurants:  VeneziaLocation right outside the Hilton metropolitan hotel, venezia offers a wide range of culinary delights from all the Italian regions, in a kitsch and delightful setting decorated with gondolas, bridges and Venetian façades.For more information or reservations contact Venezia at +9611496666   Al fornoAn authentic Italian cuisine experience located at Zaitunay Bay, Minet El Hosn BeirutAl Forno the very well-known restaurant for its r... read more
Top 8 Things To Do In Beirut by WOW Travel
Oct 14, 2015
1.Al-Omari Mosque – Al-Omari Mosque is one of the biggest and one of the most ancient buildings in Beirut. The place has been beautifully preserved and this is one of the two mosques that belong to the 13th century. Built in 1291, the Al-Omari mosque was one of the first buildings in Beirut to be restored after the Lebanese Civil War – showing its cultural importance to the citizens of Lebanon’s capital city.      2.Baalbek – Two hours’ drive from Beirut, Baalbek is... read more
Top 6 Major Causes of Traffic Jam in Lebanon
Oct 14, 2015
1. Rubbernecking near an accidentThe term "rubbernecking" refers to the actual physical movement of the neck performed in order to get a better view. Especially when accidents occur, hundreds of people turn their heads and stare over and over again for hours.Oh well, curiosity killed the cat :P   2. Huge holes on the roadsBecause Lebanon's roads are compatible with the traffic laws .... We all got used to Lebanon's roads, but some holes are just not acceptable. If y... read more
World's most ancient cities are Lebanese !
Oct 12, 2015
20. Varanasi, IndiaWhen did the earliest inhabitants settle? 1,000 BC Situated on the west bank of the Ganges, Varanasi - also known as Benares - is an important holy city for both Hindus and Buddhists. According to legend, it was founded by the Hindu deity Lord Shiva 5,000 years ago, though modern scholars believe it to be around 3,000 years old. Mark Twain (American author): "Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks tw... read more
9 Outdoor activities to do in Lebanon
Sep 16, 2015
Are you always wondering about what to do in the weekend? Wanting something fun to do with friends other than just simply going to the beach, or a road trip to the mountains? Well first of all, summer is not over yet! The sun is shining and the temperatures are still high so all we have to do is enjoy the remaining sunny days outdoors and here are some suggestions for you, the thrill seekers:   -       ParaglidingOne of the best views is seeing Lebanon from above an... read more
Top 5 things we love about Lebanon
Aug 27, 2015
Top 5 things we love about Lebanon: 1.MezzeWell the food, it can just speak for itself. Few things can compare to the delicious assortments of dishes served as the Lebanese traditional mezze. The hummus, the tabbouleh, and the kibbeh are not considered foreign words anymore; they are approved and loved by people around the globe. For the newbies in the world of Mediterranean food, here is some advice: don't get too stuffed from the mezze because the food only keeps ... read more
Hot and Humid Rainy Day in Lebanon
Aug 03, 2015
Rain falls right now all over areas in Baalbeck and Akkar with the continuing extremely hot weather in Lebanonread more
International Celebrities married ‪‎Lebanese‬
Jul 24, 2015
Most Lebanese people, travel the world in order to pursue higher levels of education, experience jobs, and more. Therefore, Lebanese people are located all around the world.  One thing that most Lebanese people have in common is "Pride".  Their intelligence and social skills has led many Lebanese to reach high positions in the society, creating relationships with celebrities from around the globe. Because of this many international famous celebrities are married/dat... read more
Tom Fletcher walks from Batroun to Beirut
Jul 21, 2015
HE Tom Fletcher, British Ambassador to Lebanon, is touring our country and promoting Lebanon as a touristic destination on his final days as the British Ambassador.  Fletcher says: "This week I walked the coast of Lebanon, from Hamat to Beirut. I wanted to find a way to say goodbye to people that was not about protocol-heavy meetings with leaders in air conditioned rooms."  They started at Hamat, the military base where UK trainers are working with the Lebanese Land... read more
Where to go in Beirut
Jul 21, 2015
Are you visiting Beirut for the first time and want to know where to go? Or are you living as a tourist in your own country? No matter your reason or excuse, here are some "must see" locations and cities located in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. Especially if you are a Lebanese, don't waste time, get up and start discovering your own beautiful country step by step.   Traditions, architecture, and cultural places found in the capital - Beirut:   Beirut National Muse... read more
The Telegraph Talking about Lebanon
Jul 21, 2015
War is a million miles away when the Lebanese begin to party It was mid-afternoon and already the crowd had given itself over to wild abandon. Standing on picnic tables, skinny girls in hot pants and crop-tops gyrated to thumping beats, upending bottles of vodka into the mouths of the bare-chested men dancing beside them.  Having worked out obsessively - though even in the gym they keep their make-up immaculate, their nails painted, and their hair perfectly straight... read more
The World's Sexiest People
May 05, 2015
The World's Sexiest People Are Armenian Women And Irish MenIt seems that Kim Kardashian is having a major effect on yet another "sexiest" list.  According to a new survey by MissTravel, a destination dating website, its customers say the world's sexiest women are from Armenia and the world's sexiest men are from Ireland. The travel site polled over 110,000 Americans to determine who they thought was sexiest; last year, Australian men and Brazilian women topped MissT... read more
Beirut River Solar Snake Project
Mar 18, 2015
The beneficiaries of the energy produced will primarily be the people of Bourj Hammoud, who will experience a sense that they own exceptional clean energy produced by the river that passes through their area. Al Monitor (Beirut) - A field stretches by a river, but it does not produce fruits and vegetables. It features, however, devices that produce electricity from the sun. A blue expanse of solar panels covers the Beirut River between the Armenia bridge and Yerevan... read more
Nejmeh Square in Beirut Goes Green
Mar 17, 2015
The city of Beirut, Lebanon has joined Ireland's global greening initiative for the first time ever this year. Nejmeh Square, also known as Place de l'Etoile, located in the heart of the city centre lit up emerald green signifying Ireland and Lebanon's solidarity and friendship. The greening event was organised by the Irish Consulate in Beirut and the Irish Embassy in Cairo in partnership with the Mayor of Beirut. The greening celebrates the role in which Irish peac... read more
10 Celebrities You Forgot Were Lebanese
Feb 27, 2015
Author: Kelly Sadek - LAU TribuneIf there’s something that 90% of  Lebanese people possess, it’s pride. This is especially true when they find out that an internationally famous celebrity originates from Lebanon and it just so happens that said celebrity is their mother’s second cousin’s classmate (we all know you’re lying Tante Janine). Anyway, to increase your ‘general’ knowledge on Lebanese culture, here’s a list of 10 international celebrities you forgot were Le... read more
Countries with the worlds most beautiful women
Feb 03, 2015
Women no doubt are beautiful creations of God, and remain beautiful no matter where they are. However, they tend to exceed the boundaries of beauty a bit and become almost angel like in certain countries. And if you are wondering where you would be able to find such women, check out the list of the countries you can visit to see the world’s most beautiful women.SwedenSweden is considered to be the country with the best looking men and women in the entire world. In a... read more
Lebanese can travel to 39 Countries without a Visa
Jan 20, 2015
Henley & Partners foundation prepared a world ranking, which included 174 countries, according to their citizens’ ability to enter other countries without the need for a visa as of July 2014 in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which has the largest database in the world on passports travel visas. United States topped the list.  The United States has made a big leap in the classification in terms of freedom of travel moving i... read more
Sama Beirut Tower Lebanons Tallest Tower
Jan 12, 2015
Sama Beirut is an upcoming residential, commercial and office tower in the Sodeco region of Beirut, Lebanon. The project was announced on August 13, 2009 with an opening date set for 2014. Fadi Antonios is developing the project, and it is owned by his company, Antonios Projects SAL. When this project is completed, it will be the tallest tower in all of Lebanon, standing at 186 meters,The tower will rise by the end of the year more
Passport renewal forbidden for Lebanese EVERYWHERE
Jan 08, 2015
Lebanese residents in all countries are starting to hate their Lebanese Embassies. That’s because of the new regulations that have been set. The new policy is that their passports cannot be renewed as of 01/01/2015.   So Lebanese with passport validities ending this year are facing a big problem. For instance, if they are willing to apply for a Visa, their passports need to be valid for at least 6 months. So, they have to take long vacations (Undoubtedly impossible ... read more
Top 25 Cities in the World
Oct 23, 2014
Top 25 Cities in the World  Readers Choice Awards 2014 25. Kyoto, JapanReaders' Rating: 81.025There are two ways to think about Japan: as the very futuristic, or as the very ancient. In Kyoto, which served as Japan's capital for a millennia and is still its capital of art and design, you find both. The city is home to the country's greatest (and greatest number of) national treasures, from pieces of individual artwork to 10th-century temples, and also to some of its... read more
Lebanon from the Sky
Aug 26, 2014
Explore the beauty of Lebanon from the sky by  Mohamad J. Shehab. read more
Huffington Post names Lebanon a top 9 must see
Aug 18, 2014
The "Huffington post" chose Lebanon to be one of the "9 places you absolutely, positively must see before you die" after asking its Facebook fans what spots they would like to see before they die?Lebanon was ranked number six after Bora Bora, Denmark, Italy, Scotland, and Santorini Greece.  "This is where my grand-parents were born. My parents never had a chance to go before they passed away so it is my dream to walk where my roots are, said Suzan Latuga."The Lebane... read more
40 Interesting Facts about Lebanon
Jun 20, 2014
1. Lebanon has 18 religious communities.2. It has 40 daily newspapers.3. It has 42 universities.4. It has over 100 banks (that are banks and not branches of a bank).5. 70% of the students are in private schools.6. 40% of the Lebanese people are Christians (this is the highest percentage of all the Arab countries).7. There's 1 doctor per 10 person in Lebanon. (In Europe and America, there's around 1 doctor per 100 person).8. The name LEBANON appears 75 times in the O... read more
Lebanon in Summer 2014
Jun 13, 2014
Without too much beating around the bush, here are 25 amazing things to do and see in Lebanon this summer in no particular order: 1. Baatara Gorge Waterfall - Tannourine2. Rikky'z - Faraya 3. Our Lady of Leabnon - Harrissa 4. Raouchè Sea Rock - Raouchè 5. Ceders of Lebanon - Ariz  6. Chowan Waterfall - Nahr Ibrahim 7. Nahr Ibrahim 8. Jeita Grotto - Jeita 9. Saydit El Nourieh (Our lady of Nourieh) - Batroun 10. Jbeil - Byblos 11. Lake Qaraoun - Southern Region of the... read more
Lebanon among Up and coming cities for the rich
Jun 06, 2014
Forget New York, London and Hong Kong. These 12 cities should give wealthy real estate investors the best returns over the next few years, according to Savills, Candy & Candy, and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management.   1.Beirut, Lebanon Despite its violent history, Beirut stands out as being an ideal place for adventurous real estate investors, according to a new report from Savills World Research, Candy & Candy and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management... read more
11 Reasons to Visit Lebanon
May 06, 2014
1.To experience a country of four seasons. Two extreme seasons can even be experienced on the same day by skiing on the mountains and enjoying a swim on the famous beaches along the coast. 2.To enjoy scores of World Heritage Sites. Baalbek, a 5,000-year-old site, Anjar, a 1,300-year-old city, both located in the Bekaa Valley; Byblos, a historical Mediterranean city that dates back thousands of years and is closely associated with the spread of the Phoenician alphabe... read more
Top 10 places to visit in Lebanon
Apr 24, 2014
1. BeirutBustling capital on the beautiful Mediterranean. Beirut has anything you wish for on material and cultural level. As for landscapes and nature get out of this lively city and head for the countryside. It's not exactly a beautiful city, lots of concrete and high flats, but it has a lot to offer: great museums, great entertaining, great people, great clubs and utterly great restaurants (don't miss out on dinner at Leila's while in Beirut.Beirut is also a city... read more
40 things Ive learned since moving to Lebanon
Apr 14, 2014
1.  I've learned that I can live without a car, central AC, internet at home or on my phone.2.  I've learned that just because toume looks like mashed potato, it doesn't taste like mashed potato.3.  I've learned that I prefer to sit outside my apartment building and wait for the power to come back on, than climb up 6 flights of stairs.4.  I've learned not to flush any paper down the toilet because it will clog the plumbing.5.  I've learned that a hairdresser is a ma... read more
بيروت عاشر أغلى مدينة بالعالم في الايجارات
Apr 09, 2014
في الوقت الذي ينشغل فيه لبنان بقانون الايجارات الجديد بين مؤيد ومعارض، برز المسح السنوي عن إيجارات الوحدات السكنية الصّادر عن الشركة الاستشارية EuroCost International  بيروت، الذي صنف بيروت في المرتبة العاشرة عالمياً في سنة 2014، مقارنة بالمركز السابع في 2013، والمركز الثامن في 2012، والمركز العاشر في 2011 و2010 والمركز 28 في 2009. وبرزت بيروت المدينة الأكثر غلاءً في الشرق الأوسط حيال ايجارات السّكن لموظفي الشركات المتعددة الجنسيات في 2014، ولم يتغيّر تصنيفها منذ مس... read more
Typical Lebanese at the Beach
Apr 04, 2014
Typical Lebanese at the Beach . Girls :  1.Make up in the heat of the beach2.Their Hair will never touch water3.Prada sunglasses worn while they sit in the pool with their rose wines4.Extreme tan even before beach season5.Each boob costs $50006.$500 swimsuit not for swimming 7.Strategic tattoo so you don't look elsewhere  Boys :  1.Their Hair will never touch water2.Prada sunglasses worn while they sit in the pool with their rose wines3.Extreme tan even before beach... read more
Angelina Jolie for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Mar 28, 2014
Angelina Jolie is putting her name to good use once again to put the spotlight on Syrian Refugees in this new report that CNN aired on Thursday (March 27).The 38-year-old actress, who is currently in Sarajevo visiting with victims of the Bosnian War, paid a visit to a Lebanese refugee camp to speak with a young girl named Hala and her five siblings."When I met Hala, and her brothers and sisters, they had been living in this camp for almost a year," Angelina said in ... read more
Ten richest personalities in Lebanon
Mar 11, 2014
Here are the 10 richest personalities in Lebanon according Top Ten program aired on Al Jadeed Tv:1. Najib Mikati2. Bahaa Al Deen Rafic Al Hariri3. Issam Fares4. Jack Saade5. Mohammad Safadi6. Adnan Kassar7. Fouad Makhzoumi8. Anaama Tohme9. Anthony Tanoury10. Rida Al Massriread more
Foreigners Guide Driving in Lebanon
Mar 04, 2014
Foreigners Guide Driving in Lebanon   Always drive with your halogen lights on so you can blind people ! The lights on the highway are just for decoration they’ve never worked. Lane Speed : 897654KM/h Photoles are there for your fun!Traffic lights are also a decorationHighway enterpeneurs,make eye contact and you have to buy their pirated CD’s.YES !! You can have 2 cars in one LaneLane Speed : -60KM/H YES.People go backwards in a lane.Of course you can throw your g... read more
10 Facts About Lebanon
Feb 26, 2014
Fact 1Lebanon used to be known as the "Switzerland of the East" due to the diversity and financial power that it enjoyed.Fact 2The capital city Beirut, used to be called the "Paris of the Middle East' because it was at one time a thriving city with a rich culture and attracted tourists from all over the world. When the war was over, extensive efforts were made to redevelop the national infrastructure and the failing economy.Fact 3It is widely believed that Jesus Chr... read more
Top 10 Cities in Africa & the Middle East
Feb 25, 2014
10/10BEIRUT, LEBANONCulture: 89.6Friendliness: 85.4Atmosphere: 81.3Restaurants: 83.3Lodging: 71.7Shopping: 73.9The capital of Lebanon has "much to offer the adventurous traveler." Find "exotic cuisine and cocktails" at the "most exclusive clubs in the world" in what one reader calls "the Paris of the Middle East." This city offers a "tapestry of sects, religions, and lifestyles that provide a feast for the mind of the intellectual."9/10JERUSALEM, ISRAELCulture: 91.9... read more
Worlds Most Depressing App Launches in Lebanon
Feb 14, 2014
Sandra Hassan, a student in Lebanon, has recently released an app called "I Am Alive."With a single touch, the app will blast a tweet saying "I am still alive! #Lebanon #Latestbombing." The goal is to provide easy communication and reassurance to family and friends after a bombing, when phone lines might be down.Cordelia Hebblethwaite, writing for the BBC, reports:She launched it on 21 January as "an expression of frustration" at how bad the security situation has b... read more
Lebanons 4 Unknown Heroes Who Deserve Our Respect
Jan 31, 2014
1)      The Delivery GuyThrough rain or shine, hail or flood, this brave man will get on that worn-out zero-safety-measure scooter sans helmet and put his life at risk just so you can get your Kafta wo Jebneh Man2ousheh fresh and on-time. You don't really think about him or the fact that his scooter almost skid under a sixteen-wheeler truck because his insulated delivery bag is too heavy carrying more than four separate orders, who cares that he's drenched from head... read more
Lebanese Passport Allows Visa Free Access
Jan 17, 2014
It would seem that Lebanese preference for US, Canadian and Australian passports may need to shift towards Scandinavian countries if they really want to freely travel the world. Here's a list of countries where Lebanese can visit without the need for a pre-approved visa:  AfricaCape VerdeComorosDjiboutiMadagascarMozambiqueSeychellesTogoUganda AmericasBoliviaDominicaEcuadorHaitiSaint Kitts and Nevis Asia ArmeniaAzerbaijanBangladeshCambodiaGeorgiaJor... read more
10 good things that happened in Lebanon in 2013
Dec 20, 2013
 10. Beirut ranked among world's top 25 cities by Condé Nast Residents of the city might find it hard to believe, what with the multiple car bombs, rocket attacks, manic traffic, and perennial power and water shortages, but Condé Nast's readers voted it the 20th best city in the world in 2013, citing its "tapestry of sects, religions, and lifestyles that provide a feast for the mind of the intellectual." 9. 4G Internet Both of Lebanon's service providers launched 4G... read more
Red Bull Awakens the Jeita Grotto
Dec 17, 2013
Under the name "Red Bull Awaken the Grotto", the famous Dutch wakeboarder,Duncan Zuur, performed incredible wakeboarding tricks inside the grotto's lower chamber! This unique ride, held in the grotto for the first time, took place during Zuur's visit to Lebanon. His stunts included jumps and slides off a boat ramp, which was especially set up in the water.Click here for more pictures. read more
The Most Successful Immigrants in the World
Nov 27, 2013
According to  journalist, TV and radio personality Stephen Dubner, the most successful immigrants in the world are originally from Lebanon.  There's no surprise there. The number of Lebanese emigrants is approximately 12-18 million. The majority of these emigrants left Lebanon due to its instability, the lack of governance and deprivation of basic human needs. They left Lebanon in search of a better life for themselves and to provide their children with the things t... read more
Lebanon Among The Worlds Best City
Oct 18, 2013
How many have you been to? And do you agree with the rankings?Condé Nast Traveler announced the winners of its 26th annual Readers' Choice Awards.As they do every year, this year's results introduce new categories, new hotels and re-ordered lists of the world's best destinations.The magazine said this year's list was the most comprehensive ever, with 1.3 million votes cast for a whopping 16,000 properties around the world.Read: 12 VIP experiences actually worth the ... read more
New York Times Wadih El Safis News
Oct 17, 2013
Wadih el-Safi, a Lebanese singer and composer whose strong and clear voice propelled him to fame throughout the Arab world, died in Beirut on Friday. He was 91. His death was reported by the state-run National News Agency.Mr. Safi, whose real name was Wadih Francis, helped spread colloquial Lebanese Arabic outside his country, becoming known to many Arabs as "the man with the golden voice." Over seven decades he worked with well-known Arab composers and singers like... read more
Lebanon ranked 4th in Math and Science education
Oct 10, 2013
The World Economic Forum's 2013 Global Information Technology Report, ranked Lebanon in the top 5 countries of the World for Maths and Science education Out of the 144 countries surveyed, Lebanon came 4th after Singapore, Finland and Belgium,and in the top 10 for Quality of the Educational System. Source: read more
The 7 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women
Oct 07, 2013
While the expression that there are beautiful women in every single country is most definitely a true statement, there are some countries that are better than others. Here's a list of the 8 countries with the highest density of gorgeous females. UkraineThe Ukraine is slowly, but surely getting on the radars of tourists from all over the world. This ex-soviet nation is cheap compared to it's western neighbors and has a wild range of natural settings from Black Sea... read more
Lebanon Beirut on National Geographics
Aug 29, 2013
This photograph of a bustling street scene ran in the April 1958 issue of National Geographic in a story by Thomas J. Abercrombie about "Young-old Lebanon." The caption read, in part: "For variety, few cities can match Lebanon's bustling capital. Part Christian, part Moslem, Beirut combines East and West, ancient and modern. Contrasts stand out vividly in street scenes such as this on the Rue Georges Picot. … A sign over the blouse shop shows the cedar, Lebanon's na... read more
27 Facts you didnt know about Lebanon
Apr 29, 2013
1. Lebanon has 18 religious communities2. It has 40 daily newspapers3. It has 47 universities4. It has over 100 banks (that is banks and not branches of a bank)5. 70% of the students are in private schools6. 40% of the Lebanese people are Christians (this is the highestpercent in all the Arab countries)7. The name LEBANON appears 75 times in the Old Testament8. The name CEDAR (Lebanon's tree) appears 75 times too in the OldTestament!!9. Beirut was destroyed and rebu... read more
Byblos crowned best Arab tourist city for 2013
Apr 16, 2013
The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) named Jbeil - Byblos as the best Arab tourist city in 2013, and felicitated its Mayor Ziad Al-Hawwat for the outstanding achievements he made and in recognition of his pioneering role in the development of the city.Source:NNAread more
Beirut River Solar Snake Project Launched
Apr 12, 2013
Beirut River Solar Snake, the first solar farm of renewable energy to be constructed in Lebanon, is a project launched yesterday by the Ministry of Energy and Water aiming to produce 1MW of clean energy in the first phase that will fund the second phase that will produce 10MW when the project is finished, covering 6,500 square KM of the river The maximum budget is set to a maximum of $4 million. But this cost is projected to decrease knowing that similar projects in... read more
CNN:10 best bars in Beirut
Mar 27, 2013
As partners go, "bar-hopping" and "Middle East" might sounds like dogs and cats, but a night out in Beirut is an exception.The city has long been the party capital of the region, from its swinging '60s heyday as the playground of the international jet set to its more recent resilience after years of conflict.Beirut's bar scene centers around the neighborhoods of Gemmayzeh and Hamra, and the recently hip district of Mar Mikhael.Here are 10 places where Beirut warms u... read more
Lebanon a top destination for expats
Feb 11, 2013
CNN's Arwa Damon meets a British couple(Anthony Usher & Julia) who claim Lebanon is a 'crown jewel' for those seeking an expat lifestyle.The couple has been living here for a decade and a half.Anthony came to Lebanon when he was 21 year old back to 1976 just as the civil war broke out,and had to evacuate 6 weeks later.British couples explaining what lured them to visit Lebanon:"one of the advantages of Lebanon it's relatively easy to be a part of society,mainly ... read more
Skiing provides escape for Lebanese.
Feb 11, 2013
CNN's Arwa Damon explains what makes Beirut a top skiing destination in the Middle East."Few would anticipate that Lebanon has a winter season,but this is a country that is full of the unexpected" says Arwa Damon.middle eastern?YES,but you wont find desserts or camel's here in fact this resort in Beirut is one of the top Ski destinations in the region.Beirut was once known as the paris of middle east,Lebanon not only boast the beauty of the mountains but also just a... read more
Only in Lebanon
Jan 28, 2013
Five unique, occasionally weird things that you can do around Beirut and nowhere else.GIVEN THAT the State Department currently advises against traveling to Lebanon, it isn't at the top of most people's must-visit list. Yet brave souls will still be tempted by the country's Mediterranean coast, snow-capped mountains and tahini-drizzled cuisine. Should you find yourself flying into Beirut, try these unexpected activities, all of which are within a two-hour drive of t... read more
Beirut, The 2nd Top Destination in 2012
Jan 24, 2013
You just cant keep a good city down. Or, in Beiruts case, a turbulent past of decades of civil war hasnt taken the sheen off its glossy, cosmopolitan swagger. Lebanons capital is far from your "regular" Middle Eastern city: Nestled on the Mediterranean coast, Beirut is an enticing combination of French designer boutiques in rebuilt Downtown, chi-chi private beach clubs where bling is king, cutting-edge galleries in converted warehouses and magnificent third-century ... read more
Massive storm hitting Lebanon turns deadly
Jan 10, 2013
A massive thunderstorm rumbled across Lebanon early Monday, causing the death of at least one person and turning most roads into virtual lakes.Rescue teams are also continuing to search for a child who is believed to have drowned when his family's tent was flooded overnight in the southern town of Iklim al-Kharoub, east of Sidon. The seven-month-old boy was washed away in a torrent of water.Another man was killed when his car flipped over during the storm in the Met... read more
Where to go in Winter
Jan 10, 2013
Lebanon is not the most obvious choice for a skiing destination, but the Mediterranean country is a magnet for winter sports enthusiasts. The ski centres of Faraya Mzaar and Cedars are the best known of six Alpine-style resorts, which get around three months of reliable snow each winter. As an added bonus, on fine days you can ski in the morning, bathe in the Mediterranean in the afternoon and party through the night in up-and-coming more
Lebanon in a week: the ultimate road-trip guide
Jun 19, 2012
Lebanons tourism sector looked set for a partial rebound over the holidays with Beiruts premium hotels overbooked, according to a survey conducted by The Daily Star Sunday. However, many of the capitals lower-priced hotels reported that rooms are still availaLebanons tourism sector looked set for a partial rebound over the holidays with Beiruts premium hotels overbooked Lebanons tourism sector looked set for a partial rebound over the holidays with Beiruts pre... read more
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Republic of Lebanon
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