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Mar 2013
Amy Smack Daddy
Nightlife Bar National
Bar National Jounieh Nightlife Amy Smack Daddy Lebanon

Amy Smack Daddy are one of the finest acts in the region, a blend of Rock, Alternative and funk, Amy Smack Daddy know how to make your party rock.Amy Smack Dady will be live every Friday at Bar National.

Amy Smack Daddy offer a first class quality show, raising the standards of live performance and musicality by recreating the public's unsung favorite tunes in a unique twist to bring about a guaranteed auditive delight.

Amy Smack Daddy is a five-piece band brought together by one and same desire, that of bringing a unique, fresh and entertaining musical repertoire to you including music from Coldplay, The Killers, Muse, Kings of Leon and more, ranging from soft Alternative, to Funk and Dance. In addition to their Rock playlist, Amy Smack Daddy offers an Acoustic set featuring acoustic instruments with a different and separate repertoire, ideal for softer events needing a soother sound and mood.

For reservation:03080888

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