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Le Corona qui nous a changé
(Did you know?) May 20, 2020
Le corona qui nous a changé...une petite gifle , un wake-up call et un mode d'adaptation nécessaire!L'époque des HUGS est terminé.L'époque des BISOUS à des étrangers autant qu'à nos proches s'est éteinte. L'époque des "Tfaddal pour un café chez moi au balcon" n'est plus tellement commune. L'époque des 'Random Smile' à des gens qu'on croise dans la rue est finie vu que le MASQUE nous cache le 3/4 du visage. L'époque de manger n'importe où après un hike ou une plongée more
Léa Lteif Managing partner and e-commerce enthusiast
(Design) May 12, 2020
Léa Lteifmanaging partner and e-commerce enthusiast Lteif's collection of outdoor furniture is still landing at our online store and displaying @lteif instagram page.Explore this trendy variety and turn your quarantine to relaxed and breezy!The collection includes seating and dining sets, sun-loungers, swings, gazebos, umbrellas and other modish additions.Lteif sales team will promptly assist you while you make your dashing pick and shop your items, as more
Wings Of Lebanon
(Escapes ) Apr 02, 2020
Wings Of Lebanon, the second Lebanese airline, issued a statement that announces its willingness to make special trips to different parts of the world to secure the travel of Lebanese who wish to return to Lebanon according to the conditions specified by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.تعلن شركة طيران أجنحة لبنان wings of lebanon (شركة الطيران الثانية اللبنانية) عن إستعدادها بالقيام برحلات خاصة الى جميع أنحاء العالم لتأمين سفر اللبنانيين الراغبين بالعودة more
Bill Gates Predicted the Coronavirus in 2015 Ted Talk
(Did you know?) Mar 20, 2020
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates predicted a global pandemic would kill many people and grind the world economy to a halt in a 2015 TED Talk. As world governments struggle to grapple with the rapidly spreading coronavirus, Gates warned years ago that humanity was ill-prepared for a fast-spreading, life-threatening pathogen. With over 236,000 infections and more than 9,700 deaths, the epidemic has stunned the world and drawn comparisons with painful periods such as Wo more