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Jul 2018
Shakira at Cedars Festival
Concert Activities by Cedars International Festival

Shakira Wows Audience at Cedars International Festival

Shakira performed on Friday 13 July at the grand opening of the Cedars International Festival in what could be described as no less than a mega success and the concert of the year by the Lebanese/Colombian sensation. This concert which is part of her El Dorado world tour, has been long awaited as the crowd warmly welcomed Shakira on stage after a 7 year absence from her ancestral homeland. The significance of the Cedars International Festival is its aim to reflect the rich history of the festival that was launched in 1963 and was on hiatus due to the country’s situation prior to its revival in 2015. It aims also to promote the cultural meaning of the Cedar tree and forest, and to grow its touristic features especially after being added as an UNESCO world heritage site. A lot of effort was made by the municipality of Bsharre along with the president of the festival and MP Sethrida Geagea, and the concert was held in nature in the Cedar forest where everyone saw nature’s beauty and was in awe of the vocals and expressive dances and emotions of Shakira resonating through the forest.