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(What's up ?) 1 year ago's team was honored to interview the CEO of Deezer, Mr. Hans-Holger Albrecht.

1.What differentiates Deezer from the competition - in terms of technology or content?

From the technological point of view, we are the best product in the world in terms of how the product looks and what kind of music it presents. It has a unique feature called Flow where we start to learn what kind of music people listen to and then we predict that this is the music they want. Flow is very sophisticated in terms of data you collect and the algorithms you do, in addition to the artificial intelligence we are using. So it is very complicated to make a good product in the region and we are one of them.

In terms of content, the biggest difference we have here for this market, is the exclusivity of Rotana which is very big impact. So if you want to listen to all Arabic or international music, there is only one place to go which is Deezer.



2.Do you consider opening offices in Beirut or in the region?
Yes we will start by headquarter in Dubai but we will roll out offices in other places as well - Beirut is a very important place. Actually, I can't see a reason why we wouldn't open an office in Beirut. Most of the artists are here, it's a big market... it will be one of the local places to go for.

3.You competitors have song partnerships with the media, whether digital or traditional media. Would you use the same strategy or you prefer to solely rely on your partnership with Rotana?

No, we will definitely do partnerships with other local media. Maybe now when we did our marketing launch, we can use traditional media like radio stations, TV stations... But we will work a lot on the digital side: Youtube, Facebook, and Google as partnerships. Additionally, we will have partnerships with telecom operators in other companies. In fact, Deezer has more than 40 partnerships globally with big telecom companies like Vodafone, Orange... So this is part of our DNA - we developed this type of partnerships long time ago.


4.Do you currently do events with international or Arabic artists? And are we going to have events with international artists sponsored by Deezer?


In France, we do big events, we sponsor festivals... and eventually we will do events here. 

We will sponsor events with international artists, but first we have to be known locally. Therefore we will manage to have events with local artists before considering having international ones.


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