Jul 2018
Hike To The Black Peak - Qornet Sawda
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Dear hikers, 

Prepare yourself to an adventurous hiking trip to reach the highest peak in the middle east with an altitude of 3089m.
Kornet Sawda is located in the heart of the northern mountains of Lebanon and on the southwerstern slopes of Mount Makmal.

It deserves the effort to walk there, because we will have the chance to see the real beauty of Lebanon from up above. The bekaa valley and the east Lebanese slopes from one side and cedars of bsharre with kannoubine valley and the western slopes of Lebanon on the other side.
Also, if the sky is clear we will have the chance to see Syria and Cyprus and the slopes of Trodos mountains with an altitude of 2000m located in Cyprus, lying on an axis from east to west from the Turkish Taurus Mountains.

Our adventurous hike will start at an altitude of 2800m from Ouyoun Orghosh.
At the beginning we will have a smooth uphill for 230m, than we will walk in an off-road trail where we can a snow spots on our way until we reach a place where will challenge ourselves to hike a 140m upwards towards the Black Beauty at the altitude of 3089m.
We will have our lunch there while we are enjoying the amazing sceneries.
N.B. : even if we are in summer, watch out from the cold air and snow spots as i mentioned before.

After the lunch break, we will continue our trail back to ouyoun orghosh where the hike will be so easy beacuse it will be all downhills. 
But for the people who are tired, pick-ups will be waiting for us during all the trip.

- EARLY RESERVATIONS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY confirming your attendance on the event by calling Daniel on 70-196750 (whatsapp-viber-sms-messenger) or through visiting our website www.vincalibanotica.weebly.com and also VINCA LIBANOTICA page and group.

Meeting point: behind DHL - Jal el dib facing the Canadian embassy ( we can pick our hikers that live on our way)

Breakfast stop on the road

Departure: 7:30 am

Level: 6/10 advanced

Total hiking duration: 5:30 hrs

Altitude between 2800m - 3089m - 2800m

cumulative ascent : 800m
cumulative descent : -800m

Required materials: hiking boots, backpack, hat, 2L of water, sunglasses, sunscreen, healthy snacks, jacket (due to the cold weather)

Fees: 45000 LBP (including transportation, guidance, pick-up, 5 mins warming up, stretching, but does not include medical insurance)

Vinca libanotica will be equipped by all class sport brands that will be our official sponsor.

Benefits from our sponsors exclusivity offers:
Participants of vinca libanotica can benefit from 20% discounts on all brands purchases from class sport (jack wolfskin-supra-matrix-arena-venum-icepeak-nordica-rome sds-salice-powerslide-peak-prince)

Class sport branches:
Mansourieh - baabda - jounieh - Jnah

Group of 6 or more will benefit from 1 free Hiking invitation

Event maybe cancelled if a minimum number of 12 is not achieved

For info and reservation call:
Daniel Salameh 70 196 750

Qornet es Saouda