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Jun 2019
Beirut the sea lover
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"Beirut, the sea lover" "بيروت حبيبة البحر" Written and directed by Milad TAWK  Live Concert with a special 3D video mapping effect June 14, 2019 at 9:00 PM, Roman Baths, Beirut Down Town.


Musicarranged and conducted by Elie Barrak

Singers Nader Khoury, Diala Saab, Ingrid Naccour, Venus

3D Mapping implementation Tarek Kiameh

Sound Fida Zalloum

Lights Nassib Madi

Technical Director Peter Abdallah

Executive Producer Denise Taouk

Archives Tele Liban and Bahij Hojeij

“Beirut the Sea Lover "(as Samir Kassir called it in his book" The History of Beirut ")

A presentation featuring 3D Mapping projection with various technical influences of picture, voice and light. This show blends with a concert celebrating the Lebanese song and praising the city of Beirut

1- Venue: Roman Baths in Downtown Beirut

2- Duration: 60 minutes

3 - Subject: Architecture (historical and contemporary) and its relationship to Beirut's human civilization memory