Jul 2018
Baalbeck remembers Oum Kalthoum
Festival Baalback Festival
On Friday July 20 for the opening of the Baalbeck International Festival, a massive concert took place at the Steps of Bacchus Temple under the name of Baalbeck Remembers Oum Kalthoum and paid tribute to the late Egyptian legend Oum Kalthoum who sang in Baalbeck in the years 1966, 1968 and 1970. Egyptian artists Marwa Nagy and Mai Farouk performed with the Lebanese National Orchestra and the orchestration and conducting of Egyptian Maestro Hisham Gabr. Kalthoum’s iconic songs including Aghadan Alkak, Inta el Hob, Ana Fi Intizarak Malit, Alf Layla w Layla and Yamsaharni were performed along the cheers of the crowds at this historic site.